Royal Naval Dockyard
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For hundreds of years, Bermuda’s West End has been the marine hub of the Island. Home to the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, it’s now a busy cruise ship port and a hub for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and entertainment. With its rich maritime history, it’s no surprise that the West End is best explored by land and sea. Stroll through the Dockyard, take a dip at Snorkel Park Beach, and venture to Somerset Village, one of Bermuda’s prettiest places. Slow down and soak up centuries of history blended with fresh discoveries, like colourful craft shops and markets. 

Exploring the West End

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If you hear locals referring to “Dockyard”, they’re talking about the Royal Naval Dockyard, where construction started in 1809 – and things have been bustling ever since. After playing a role in some of history’s best-known battles, like the War of 1812 and the World Wars, the Dockyard was used as a Royal Navy base until 1951. Today, the stone walls house a museum, shops and craft markets, and water-themed attractions. 

One of Bermuda’s most legendary beaches, Horseshoe Bay Beach is made up of soft pink sand and gorgeous rock formations. Stretching for half a mile, Warwick Long Bay is a great destination for snorkeling and trail access. In between these two beaches, you’ll find South Shore Park – a winding trail leads you along cliffs and coves, with plenty of places to stop and check out the views. 

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse has been guiding ships to safety for 150 years and has earned the title of the world’s oldest cast iron lighthouse. It’s so tall, it can be seen at sea from 40 miles away. Climb 185 winding steps to the top for a picture-perfect view of the island. 

Situated in Sandy’s parish, Somerset Bridge is the smallest working drawbridge in the world. At just 56cm wide, this historic drawbridge perfectly accommodates the mast of a sailboat. While you can blink and miss it, the bridge can also be found on the Bermudian $5 note, perfect to spend at the local coffee shop nearby. 

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