Bermuda's Natural Wonders

An aerial view of Cooper's Island with various beaches and Non Such Island

Naturally beautiful, no filter needed.

The island's 21-square miles are packed with a variety of landscapes, terrains, and natural wonders that are begging to be discovered – in Bermuda, everybody feels like an explorer. Descend into one of our world-famous caves and discover a whole new world underground, tour a leafy green jungle, or pay a visit to the colourful fish and marine life that populate our waters. On land or on sea, there are endless natural discoveries waiting for you. Discover the best of Bermuda’s natural wonders.

Nature lovers, hikers and those looking to escape the crowds find a hidden sanctuary at Southlands. Explore Bermuda’s foliage and wildlife, discover ruins and cool off at a secluded beach.

Whether you’re snorkelling along Bermuda’s vibrant coastline or getting lost in the island’s nature reserves, there are endless opportunities to spot wildlife on your island getaway. 

Bermuda is just one of the few spots in the world where you can enjoy subterranean caves and grottos, pristine blue-water mangrove ponds and sub-tropical forests like this.

Bermuda can seem quite small – until, that is, you start to explore the ocean. And there is no easier way to enjoy the island’s abundant aquatic life than snorkelling. 

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View from the roadside looking down at Warwick Long Bay

Ecotourism in Bermuda

Where crystal-clear waters and vibrant landscapes intertwine in perfect harmony. Dive into our vibrant coral reefs, explore protected wildlife sanctuaries, and embark on eco-conscious adventures that leave no footprint behind. Experience the island's natural wonders while nurturing the environment, creating memories that echo long after you leave.



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