Flatt's Inlet – Flatt's Inlet

Flatt's Inlet

N Shore Rd, Flatts Village, Hamilton Parish



About Flatt's Inlet

Flatt's Inlet is a picturesque, shallow channel of water that connects Harrington Sound with the Atlantic Ocean. The area is home to the historic Flatt's Village, one of the earliest settled areas on the island. Flatt's Village is home to the Bermuda, Aquarium and Zoo (BAMZ) and several restaurants and stores. With two public docks and a bridge, there are plenty of spots to watch sea life like the Spotted Eagle Ray and turtles travelling in and out of the sound with the strong current. From the docks, you can also see colourful houses spread amongst the lush green backdrop and boats floating on the crystal clear waters of the channel, making it a perfect place to snap photographs.

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