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Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Bermudian culture has been shaped by plenty of influences from all over the globe: British charm, African heritage, and an island spirit that’s 100% our own. Mix it all together and you get a blend of cultures, stories, and songs that can’t be found anywhere else.

National Museum of Bermuda

Steeped In History

Bermuda’s history dates back 400 years: four centuries of welcoming cultures from around the globe and participating in some of history’s most important moments. 

person playing with light

Arts & Theatre

Creativity flows freely in Bermuda – inspiration is everywhere, from the brightly-hued buildings to the creative cuisine. See it expressed in visual arts or a theatre production. 

A family walking down church stairs in Bermuda

Sightseeing & Tours

Sure, Bermuda is small in size – but every square inch of the island has a story to tell. Let one of our expert guides show you around during a guided tour. 



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