Carter House Museum – Carter House

Carter House Museum


Tues : 10 am – 4 pm

34 Southside Rd., St. David's Island, St. George's



About Carter House Museum

Learn about Bermuda's colonial history at the Carter House Museum. This 17th-century Bermudian farmhouse, known to be one of Bermuda's oldest homes, was built by the family of Christopher Carter, one of the island’s original settlers. Museum exhibits are dedicated to whaling, fishing, farming and other aspects of daily life in Bermuda’s early days. You'll find hand tools from the 1600s, palmetto hats created by Martha Hayward (Carter's great-granddaughter) and ambergris, a product of whaling. A reconstructed settler's hut shows what life was like for the early settlers. Carter House Museum is on St. David’s Island near the airport. Admission is free (donations appreciated) and it's open four days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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