Getting To Bermuda

Aerial view of Cambridge Beaches with tennis courts, beach and boats.

A World Away, Closer Than You Think

Sunshine, pink-sand beaches and island vibes are all within easy reach. By air, Bermuda is just 90 minutes from New York and two or three hours from major US East Coast cities like Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Philadelphia. If you prefer to travel by sea, it’s also accessible by cruise ship or private vessel.

Welcome To Bermuda

Pick your mode of travel and see how easy it can be to get out here. Enjoy smooth, hassle-free travel by reviewing travel requirements before you go.

map of getting to Bermuda from North America

No matter how you’re arriving in Bermuda, all travellers must complete their Bermuda Arrival Card online.

Bermuda feels completely off the map – but the flights to get here are so quick that you’ll barely have time to daydream about paradise before you’re transported to the centre of it. 

Cruise passengers disembark at the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton Harbour, or St. George’s Port and will be able to explore the island’s 21 square miles with ease.

Join a long tradition of sailors from around the globe who have made the voyage to – and fallen in love with – our pink shores and picture-perfect island.

Rent an electric vehicle, hail a taxi, or take a scenic ferry ride: there are plenty of ways to explore Bermuda safely and easily.

Browse helpful planning tools before your trip, or download them to help you navigate once you arrive.



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