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man spotting woman who is rock climbing
man spotting woman who is rock climbing

Elevate Your Bermuda Experience

Indulge your competitive spirit during a golf game or tennis match, explore the island on two feet (or two wheels) or pick a side and cheer on one of Bermuda’s cricket teams: out here, there are plenty of ways to get in the game and get moving. 

Take a swing on courses designed by famous course architects and played by the world’s greatest golfers. Spectacular water views and plenty of accolades make Bermuda a beloved place to play for many of the game’s best.

A perfect year-round climate and scenic, top-notch courts make for a match you’ll love. Book one of Bermuda’s tennis courts to get competitive or practice your swing.

The worldwide pickleball craze has hit the shores of Bermuda. Whether you are a seasoned player, or want to get a taste for the number one trending racket sport while on vacation, we have got you covered. 

Pedal or hike along nature reserve trails, sandy beach paths or the historic, island-wide Railway Trail. Stroll lush, peaceful trails in Tom Moore’s Jungle or navigate rocky cliffs at John Smith’s Bay and Astwood Cove. 

A man is running at sunrise on a empty beach with calm ocean waters in the background.

Running in Bermuda

Bermuda’s blend of natural beauty with ideal running conditions makes it one of the best kept secrets for runners looking for a vacation. 



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