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A couple eating in Bermuda
A couple eating in Bermuda

Deliciously Bermy

A culinary diamond in the rough, Bermudian cuisine has a flavour entirely its own: the freshest seafood, strongest cocktails, and most delightful desserts served up in innovative ways. From fish chowder infused with black rum and sherry peppers to Portuguese donuts served alongside a traditional codfish breakfast, a sumptuous menu awaits you. Just a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast, the island brings fresh and bold flavours to the table.

A group enjoying cocktails at The Loren in Bermuda

Dining Reimagined

Grab a table with a water view to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner of wahoo tacos, fish sandwiches, and rum swizzles or ginger beers. Make a reservation at a fine dining  restaurant and enjoy course after course of exquisite dishes and drinks. Or unwind at one of Bermuda’s cosy pubs, laid-back lounges, or stylish clubs, where you can enjoy live DJ sets or catch jazz, reggae, or calypso performances. 



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