3 Days On The Water in Bermuda

After admiring Bermuda’s turquoise waters, you'll want to get in it. Whether by swimming, kayaking, jet skiing or jumping off a cliff, you'll have many ways to get immersed in the island's clear, shallow waters and its deep blue sea.

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Day 1: The Island's Watersports Scene

If you're a fan of fast-paced, active adventures, the island offers many ways to satisfy your need for speed. Zoom across (or high above) the water on one of these exhilarating adventures.

Jet Skiing

Touring the waters of Bermuda on a jet ski gives you a view of the island you can’t get any other way. Speed across the turquoise waters around the island and you'll encounter otherwise tough-to-get-to gems like secluded beaches, hidden coves and sunken ships.

Kite Surfing & Parasailing

Many of the most adventurous watersports lift you above the surf.

If you're into kite surfing, check out Elbow Beach, Shelly Bay Beach, Somerset Long Bay or Horseshoe Bay beaches depending on the wind direction. There are about 50 kiteboarders living on the island, and the most consistent season for wind stretches from December through May. Water temperatures can be a bit cool during this time, so it's a good idea to bring along a wetsuit or plan to rent one. If you're new to the sport, Island Winds offers lessons for newcomers and gear rental for experienced riders.

For a real thrill with no experience required, try parasailing. You'll be towed behind a motorboat while attached to parachute-style sail. Then, as the boat picks up speed, you’ll float up to 250 feet in the air, giving you bird's-eye panoramas of the island.

You can't come along for the ride, but another exciting high-speed activity in Bermuda is watching the Sail Grand Prix vessels training in the Great Sound. An ideal vantage point is the Royal Naval Dockyard. The America’s Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton was also held in Bermuda in 2017.

Day 3: Legendary Beaches

Take the last day to go beach hopping and swimming at Bermuda’s world-famous beaches, known for pink sand and crystal-clear waters. Here are some of the ones to hit.

Beach - Horseshoe Bay

The crescent-shaped Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish always pulses with energy, and it’s the perfect spot for mixing and mingling with locals. USA Today named Horseshoe Bay one of the Caribbean’s top 10 beaches (even though Bermuda isn’t technically in the Caribbean).

Bermuda has many beaches that are ideal for romance – secluded and naturally beautiful, these pockets of sand feel a world away from everything. Jobson’s Cove is a sheltered bay surrounded by jagged rocks; Astwood Cove is tucked away amidst steep cliffs. Tobacco Bay is an intimate spot that hosts on-the-sand bonfires on Friday nights during the summer. 

Want to end your three days of water-filled adventure with a bang? Admiralty House lures cliff jumpers and rock climbers with deep water, cool caves and tall cliffs. Partake in this simple-yet-exhilarating tradition before heading home.



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