St. George's Historical Society Museum – Exterior

Mitchell House Museum


$5 Adults. $2 Children


Mon : 10 am - 3:pm

Duke of Kent St., St. George's



About Mitchell House Museum

Step back in time to the early days of Bermuda at Mitchell House a  Museum operated by tje St.Goerg’s Historical Society since the 1920s.  Located  in the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The house was built in 1731 and remains much as it was nearly 300 years ago, complete with a colonial-era kitchen. Throughout the house, you’ll find artefacts from Bermuda’s history and linking us to the World thru our maritime economy.  
OPEN EVERYDAY (7 days a week) 10 am til 4 pm.  $5 adults, $2 children. 

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