Top 21 Things To Do in Bermuda

Looking for the ultimate list of things to see and do in Bermuda? Check out this roundup of local and visitor favourites.

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A group of friends are posing by the waterside.

Make the most of your time on the island. Here are 21 experiences for 21-square miles of island paradise. 

1. Cosy Up to at Tobacco Bay Bonfire 

Go beyond the nightlife of Front Street and head to a beach bonfire after dark at Tobacco Bay Beach. The fire crackles as you listen to local music and sip a Dark 'n Stormy®. You may even be tempted to go for a midnight dip.

2. Dance along to Bermuda's Gombey Beat

Want to know where the dance party is in Bermuda? Just listen. The colourfully attired Gombey dancers are the pulse and rhythm of Bermudian culture and are usually the finale at any event. When you hear that snare drum and whistle, you know it's time to party!

At many street festivals, Bermudians follow behind their favourite Gombey troupe and cheer them on as the dancers "clash" against other troupes. Fans show a little love by throwing money into a circle of the dancers.

3. Walk the entire South Shore 

Ahhh, Bermuda's beaches. There is one for every mood, feeling and activity. In the mood for walking? You can walk from the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach to Warwick Long Bay – along the scenic South Shore. The winding trail is about a mile-long stroll, during which you can see coral reef formations, beaches with the pink sand and shipwrecks.

View of warwick long bay pink beaches.

4. Be a Romantic

For an unforgettable spa experience, try a couples’ massage at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort spa, Natura Spa, located in an ancient cave with shimmering, ocean-fed lakes.

5. Say Hello to a 40-ton Humback

Bermuda's wild beauty comes to life in springtime when majestic whales make their annual arrival. With the deep blue waters of the Sargasso Sea to the east and the warm currents of the Gulf Stream just to the west, Bermuda is perfectly situated along the migration routes of 10,000 whales as they travel to their northern feeding grounds each spring.

6. Go under waves 

The island is home to hundreds of marine species, thriving coral life and shipwrecks, and the crystal-clear water means you can see it all. You don’t have to be a diver or even a strong swimmer to experience Bermuda’s underwater worlds – just try helmet diving. Pop on a bell helmet and walk right into the water to snap some selfies with the local sealife.

A close up of a Bermuda Parrotfish.

7. Go Historic House Hunting

Bermuda has had a lot of practice building the perfect house over the past 400 years. The island's homes are one-of-a-kind with bright pastel colours, limestone slate rooftops (specially designed to catch raindrops) and structures built to withstand the harshest of elements. Take a step back in time at one of Bermuda's historic homes, from the thatched-roof Carter House Museum (one of the oldest homes on the island) to the opulent Camden House.

8. Explore the Bermuda Railway Trail

Spanning the island from end to end, the Railway Trail follows an abandoned rail bed, winding through tranquil landscapes and along stunning rocky coastlines. Eighteen peaceful miles of island history and breathtaking views are yours to explore by foot or on a pedal bike – no motor vehicles allowed.

9. See the giant mural at The National Museum of Bermuda

Bermudian artist Graham Foster spent approximately 7,000 hours (more than three years) creating the Hall of History, a towering 1,000-square-foot, two-story mural that tells the tale of Bermuda in vivid visuals. Located in the National Museum of Bermuda, Foster's masterpiece will have you mesmerized for hours.

National Museum of Bermuda

10. Come Sail Away 

Bermuda is also an ideal place to learn to sail or improve your mastery of the sport. Local vendors offer a variety of programs designed for all skill levels, from beginners with no previous sailing knowledge to experienced sailors. Sailing courses and lessons can often be customised based on the needs of a particular group, such as families, children’s groups or corporate groups. Private lessons are also available.

11. Dig into a Bermuda Spiny Lobster

From September through March, you'll find spiny lobsters in nearly every restaurant and grocery store on the island. This delicacy is smaller than its Maine counterpart and doesn't have claws, so most of the tender, flavourful meat is found in the tail. Bermuda chefs mix spiny lobster into chowder, tacos, pasta sauces and even sushi, but purists will tell you it's fine with just a brushing of butter.

12. Descend into an underground world 

The Crystal & Fantasy Caves showcase an underground world of delicate splendour with magnificent crystal formations of every size and shape surrounding a clear, 55-foot-deep subterranean lake. The caves have become a favourite attraction for thousands of visitors every year.

Crystal Caves of Bermuda – Crystal Caves

13. Hike. Swim. Picnic 

Spend a day at Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. This peaceful reserve blends beach and forest, perfect for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, snorkelling and turtle spotting.

14. Find Flavours at your Fingertips

Food trucks are located around the City of Hamilton. At lunchtime, you'll see city workers leave their offices and head to their favourite wagons. They offer traditional fast (and delicious) foods: fish cakes, fish sandwiches, fries and other tasty temptations.

15. Play Crown & Anchor during Cup Match

An island-wide summer celebration, Cup Match includes cricket, beach parties, live music and Crown and Anchor. Cup Match and county games are the only time you can legally gamble on the island, and Crown and Anchor, which is played at the cricket field, is Bermudians' game-of-chance choice.

A group of people are playing crown & anchor.

16. Uncover Military Might at Bermuda's Historic Forts

For centuries, Bermuda was known as "the Gibraltar of the West," a potent symbol of the British Empire's unparalleled military strength in the Atlantic. The island doesn't need serious firepower anymore, but its impressive historic forts, including Fort St. Catherine and Fort Hamilton, are open to the public and ready to be discovered.

17. Indulge in the Essences of Bermuda

Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone's line of perfumes, Lili Bermuda, creates intoxicating, handcrafted fragrances inspired by the island's natural beauty – think Bermuda cedarwood, spring freesias and luscious loquats. The Bermuda Perfumery, located in a charming cottage in the Town of St. George, is a must-visit attraction. Feeling inspired? You can create your own signature scent during one of the perfumery's workshops. 

18. Jump off a Rock 

Bermuda is well-known for its cliff-diving opportunities – there’s even a spot called Diving Board Island. The most popular cliff-diving destination is Admiralty House Park and Clarence Cove, where the water is deep enough that you can plunge as much as you dare. It's also home to some amazing underground caves that the British military carved in the 1800s.

A man is star jumping into the ocean from a cliff.

19. Walk in the Footsteps of A Beatle 

During a two-month Bermuda stay in 1980, Beatles genius John Lennon wrote no fewer than 22 songs, including the songs that made up his final masterpiece, Double Fantasy. One of Lennon's regular Bermuda haunts was the lush, 36-acre Botanical Gardens, where he was struck by the name of a particular plant, Double Fantasy. There’s a statue by local artist Graham Foster commemorating Lennon's Bermuda escape located in front of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.

20. Set Sail on a Sunset Cocktail Cruise

What's better than a Bermuda sunset? A Bermuda sunset out on the water with a cocktail in hand. Set sail on a sunset cruise aboard an elegant Über Vida celebration yacht and order your drink of choice from a full bar with champagne, wines by the bottle/glass and a diverse cocktail menu.

21. Climb to the Top of Bermuda 

It’s 185 steps to the very top of Gibbs' Hill Lighthouse, the tallest point on Bermuda. There's no elevator but the panoramic view from the top is well worth the effort.



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