Living Reefs Foundation

41 Cedar Ave, 5th Floor, Hamilton

About Living Reefs Foundation

Bermuda's Living Reefs Foundation is a Not for Profit Charity dedicated to the conservation of the island's invaluable coral reefs. We use innovative techniques to sustainably produce young corals, which are planted out onto our ocean-based coral gardens and used to repair damaged reefs, as well as offer important lessons for global coral reef-related research. We offer workshops and tours where visitors have the opportunity to help us build our gardens and establish young corals to expand our reefs. There are two activities: the first is land-based, the second is water-based. For the second we require that you are comfortable snorkeling or paddling a kayak. Our underwater gardens are in shallow waters (less than 10’), and less than 30’ from shore, in a safe inshore body of water.

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