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Small, but mighty, Bermuda has always punched above its weight in the sporting world. Hosting world-class sporting events like the PGA TOUR and America's Cup as well as youth camps, sports conferences and tournaments, this 21-square-mile island’s subtropical climate and breathtaking beauty make for an irresistible year-round setting for sports of all sorts. We invite you to be part of Bermuda’s sporting legacy.

A History of Sport

A History of Sport

Organisers of past sporting events we've welcomed will tell you: Bermuda is much more than a pretty place. Just a two-hour flight from major East Coast airports, the island is convenient and easy to get to. Visitors can choose from an enticing collection of group-friendly restaurants and places to stay, and sports venues and infrastructure are state-of-the-art. The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s sports event planning team can arrange the venues and accommodations best suited for your event – and much more.

A Warm Island Welcome

A Warm Island Welcome

With its diverse blend of cultural influences and a population of just 65,000, Bermuda has the feel of a laid-back small town with an exciting, international flair. It's an island known the world over for its warmth and hospitality; the kind of place where everyone you pass says "good morning." It's also an incredibly safe place for groups of all ages. The crime rate is low, as are risks arising from natural hazards.

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A Culture of Sport

The island's 65,000 residents make for close-knit communities, especially when it comes to sports. Whether you're planning a sailboat race or a rugby tournament, there's an on-island governing organisation for your sport. BTA can connect you with these organisations and their leaders to help you get even more in-depth knowledge of your sport’s culture in Bermuda. On island, the BTA team is happy to arrange distribution of maps and brochures to help attendees get oriented to the destination and their venue, capture the excitement with photography and video, assist members of the media, recommend experiences and entertainment for your group and much more.

Sports Group & Event Planners Guide

Download our guide to planning a sports group trip or sporting event in Bermuda. Explore past events, facility information, and contacts to make your dream event a reality.

Signature Sports

Bermuda is a golfer’s dream destination: with warm weather all year long, world-class courses played by some of the game’s biggest pros, and gorgeous views from every hole, it must be played to be appreciated.

Scenic trails, stunning views, and warm ocean breezes create the perfect location for endurance events, while the National Sports Centre is a state-of-the-art hub for athletics.

A legendary sailing destination for centuries, Bermuda’s alluring turquoise waters beckon sailors from around the globe.

Tennis and Bermuda are a match made in heaven. Enjoy year-round play, 37 courts across the island, and a tennis legacy that dates back centuries.

Other Sports

Rugby, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, track and field…no matter how you like to play, Bermuda’s love of sport and breadth of facilities makes it a great place for your next event, tournament, or camp.

Contact the BTA Team

An award-winning US middle-distance runner with Olympian roots, the BTA’s Director of Sports & Business Development, Hazel Clark and her team will help take your event to the finish line. Contact her to start planning today.

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