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Fish Sandwiches from Art Mel's
Fish Sandwiches from Art Mel's

Bermuda’s Island Flavours Run Deep

With international roots and a natural bounty from the land and sea, Bermuda’s food culture is as multi-dimensional as it is delicious. Enjoy a slice of island life with every bite or sip, and for the full experience, seek out new flavours on a foodie adventure.

Fresh catch with a twist. Creative rum cocktails. Savoury, soul-warming traditional dishes steeped in the melting pot of Bermuda’s rich heritage – a blend of British, Portuguese, African, Caribbean, and Native American influences. It all comes together on the island’s culinary table.

Sure, you’ve had seafood. But have you tasted fried wahoo on fresh-baked raisin bread, topped with coleslaw and hot sauce? Or sipped on fish chowder infused with black rum and spicy sherry peppers? Or indulged in Loquat Gold Liquor Cake? Dig in and explore the deeper flavours of Bermuda – it's just a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast but it tastes like another world. 

Surrounded by ocean on all sides, Bermuda is a dream for seafood lovers. Feast on incredibly fresh sea-to-table fare like tuna, wahoo, and (in season) spiny lobster. Plus, discover a range of classic Bermudian dishes starring seafood.

Two classic cocktails were born in Bermuda – the Rum Swizzle, a fruit-forward tropical libation, and the Gosling's Dark ‘n Stormy®, a refreshing drink with a delightfully spicy ginger beer base. See where to sip them and get the recipes!

Savour Bermudian specialties for a delicious cultural experience. Kick off your day with the classic codfish breakfast, enjoy a fried fish sandwich with a unique twist, and taste spices and other ingredients from around the world.

Spinach, bok choy, avocados, prickly pear, passion fruit, and guava are just some of the local seasonal fruits and veggies that make meals come alive with colour and flavour. There’s also a season for honey, goat cheese, and seafood.

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Restaurant Weeks

This crave-worthy celebration of Bermuda cuisine happens January 18 – February 29, 2024. During Restaurant Weeks, take advantage of great deals at top restaurants and enjoy a full lineup of culinary events. It’s the best way to sample the best of Bermuda food and drink.



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