The Botanist Cafe & Garden Lounge – Outdoor_Rose_Garden

The Botanist Cafe & Garden Lounge


Mon : 8 am - 4 pm

183 South Road, Hamilton



About The Botanist Cafe & Garden Lounge

Discover The Botanist - Café & Garden Lounge: Bermuda's newest hidden gem in the Botanical Gardens. Located in the same building as the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, The Botanist is the perfect place to enjoy the best coffee in Bermuda, unwind with cocktails in the afternoon or sip ‘rosé all day’ in the rose garden. The Botanist ( opened on February 22nd of this year and has quickly become a favourite amongst regulars for fresh food, great coffee and as a go-to meeting place in the Botanical Gardens escaping the congestion and noise of the traffic of the City of Hamilton.

The Botanist offers a unique fusion of fresh food, great drinks and art in Bermuda's Botanical Gardens. Come for the food, stay for the drinks and uncover the secret that everyone’s talking about.

Open For Business

Meeting & Conferences




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