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Explore Comfortably in Every Season

Sunshine, blue skies, and mild temperatures define Bermuda weather and feed into its island allure. But it’s always good to know about seasonal differences and typical weather possibilities – for example, umbrellas can be going up for brief showers in the West End while people in the East End are basking in sunshine. 

Bermuda enjoys a sub-tropical climate with gentle tradewinds and generous trade-offs: the wind makes for world-class sailing, and rainfall throughout the year keeps the parks, gardens, and golf courses lush. See what activities are ideal during different parts of the year by exploring Bermuda Weather by Month, or read on to find seasonal highlights, monthly weather averages, rainfall information, packing tips, and more. 

Bermuda By Season

The weather is warming and flowers are blooming. Tree frogs are singing and whales can be spotted from shore. Spring is a great time to partake in festive traditions, outdoor adventures, and on-the-water fun.

Summer in Bermuda was made for beach days, big events, and culture-infused nights. After relaxing on pink-sand shores, you can experience a spirited cricket match or celebrate at an electrifying festival.

Experience an endless summer in Bermuda, where fall season carries on with warm weather ideal for on-the-water adventures and outdoor sports, from golf to pickleball. Plus, spiny lobster season is back in action.

During winter, Bermuda offers sun-splashed days where you can enjoy a perfect mix of nature and culture. It’s prime time for exploring natural wonders, indulging in local flavours, and soaking up local art.

What to Pack

Get ideas for what to wear in every season, day and night, so you’re comfortable and in sync with Bermuda’s island style. See the vibe in a mix of settings, from the beach to high-end restaurants. 

See current conditions on the island and get the 5-day forecast. Planning further ahead? See Bermuda Weather by Month

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Climate & Weather

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Our Climate

Thanks to the Gulf Stream and the Bermuda-Azores High, Bermuda enjoys a temperate, sub-tropical climate. The Gulf Stream pushes warm, equatorial water to the west and north of the island, up from the Gulf of Mexico. This ensures comfortable temperatures year round, from mid 60s in winter to mid 80s in summer. The Bermuda-Azores High is a high-pressure zone that lies east of the island in summer, shielding Bermuda from storm systems to the north and wafting light, southerly winds its way.

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Average Temperatures

Bermuda is a year-round destination offering a variety of island experiences any time of year. The island doesn’t experience the heat of the Caribbean (it’s about 1,000 miles north) or the chills of London or the northeast U.S. Daytime high temperatures in Bermuda average 65 degrees in January, 71 in April, 84 in July, and 80 in October. June through August brings southerly breezes, which makes evenings delightful. The difference between water and air temperatures averages 2 degrees.

View of Bermuda house with calm waters.

Annual Rainfall

Rain isn’t likely to spoil your Bermuda vacation. Unlike other islands, Bermuda has no rainy season. And you won’t hear Bermudians complain about rainfall because they collect it for drinking water via their white slate roofs, pipes, and underground tanks. Heavier downpours (typically at night in the summer) don’t usually last longer than a couple of hours; the sun rarely disappears for long. If you do encounter a day of rain, check out the island’s great indoors.

A close up of Bermuda Shark Oil by the rocks

Homespun Barometers

Beyond satellites and radar, some traditional forecasting methods are still in use. Some old-timers turn to shark oil when the weather is unsettled. Cloudy shark oil signals a storm – read more about the shark oil tradition. There’s also the old Weather Stone at Fort Scaur in the West End. The instructions are tongue-in-cheek: a dry stone = it’s not raining; a shadow underneath = the sun’s shining. The noticeboard adds, “If ever it is white on top, it is snowing.”

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