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No vacation in Bermuda is complete without a trip “to town” – a visit to the City of Hamilton, Bermuda’s cosmopolitan capital. You’ll get to experience a vibrant, lively energy that’s unlike anywhere else on the island. Perched on Hamilton Harbour, the city is a colourful hub that’s packed with great dining, nightlife, shopping, and culture interspersed with excellent beaches, lush parks and botanical gardens, and million-dollar views. Just like the rest of Bermuda, Hamilton is a unique blend of old and new, past and future, all tied up with a unique, distinct twist.

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A rainbow of colourful buildings, a blend of international cultures – Front Street is the urban heart of the City of Hamilton. Find restaurants and bars, high-end boutiques, eclectic shops, and a waterfront view. During the summer, head to Front Street on Wednesday evenings for the weekly Harbour Nights celebrations featuring Gombey dancers, street food, and local crafters.

Just outside the city you’ll find 36 lush acres of meticulously landscaped flower beds, trees, and paths. Smooth paths are easily accessible, and it’s a great place to slow down, breathe deep, and enjoy reconnecting with Bermuda’s natural side.

Constructed in 1870, Fort Hamilton never saw battle. Today, it’s an interesting historic site to explore. The grounds are carefully tended, the moat has been transformed into a lush garden, and the fort boats some of the nicest panoramic views of Hamilton Harbour.

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