Bermuda Live: Where To Hear The Islands Musicians

A country’s music can tell you more about the place than words can. You can get a taste of Bermuda’s sound on the radio, but if you’re on the island, you can catch our skilled musicians live. From steel pan drumming to the infectious rhythms of the island’s traditional Gombey dancers, live music is everywhere. Here are a handful of Bermuda’s music hot spots.

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A man performing on his flute in Bermuda

Pickled Onion

No matter the night, you’ll find a party here. At this spot in the heart of the melting-pot City of Hamilton, you’ll hear a variety of genres throughout the week: Wednesday’s Rock Night, Retro Thursdays, Salsa Saturdays and everything from Blues to Top 40 on Friday. A Tuesday open mic night showcases the island’s musicians, backed by house band Graffiti Park. Shows begin at 10 pm; no children after 11.

Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub

The oldest pub in the capital, Hog Penny opened on Burnaby Hill in 1957. The dark wooden bar is decorated with items collected from pubs all over England, which lends an atmosphere of a classic British pub. Live music starts at 10 pm Wednesday through Saturday; it’s a mix of acoustic jams and classic rock, with a Thursday open mic night.

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