Bermuda Ferry Schedule

Take a break from the small and winding roads and travel Bermuda’s waterways on the public ferry system. The ferries are a reliable way to travel around the island via the water, not to mention that the fresh sea breeze feels good and the views are amazing. Enjoy the tranquillity of the slower ferry routes or get to where you want to go quickly on the fast ferries. 

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A ferry is riding out of St. George's with calm blue waters.

Like the bus, the ferry fares are calculated by zones and cost between $3.50 and $5 per ride. The ferries accept exact change or tickets that can be purchased in advance at the Ferry Terminal in Hamilton, Visitor Service Centres in Dockyard and St George’s and some hotels. If you plan to catch the bus and the ferry for your whole trip, you can also buy a Transportation Pass for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 days (consecutive).

The ferries are built for accessibility and the following ferry stops have wheelchair access; Dockyard, St George’s, Hamilton, and Rockaway.

Now available: Download the Government of Bermuda's new Shorelink app to get your bus and ferry tokens, tickets and passes online. For more information, visit


The Blue Route is a popular fast ferry between Hamilton and Dockyard. The travel time is between 15-20 minutes and is much faster than the 60-minute bus. The ferries run frequently, and extra boats are scheduled to transport cruise ship passengers on Wednesday evenings when Harbour Nights takes place. Some highlights to look out for as you cruise in and out of Hamilton are the ‘pink palace’ Hamilton Princess Hotel and Marina, the white-roofed houses of Fairylands, and the islands that make up Paradise Lakes.


The Green Route services areas of Sandy’s parish and Southampton. With three stops, this ferry is used for access to Watford Bridge, Somerset Village, the Railway Trail from Cavello Bay to Fort Scaur, Somerset Bridge, Port Royal Golf Course and Vesey Nature Reserve. 

A wide shot of colourful houses from a boat.


The Pink Route is a popular sightseeing route that travels within Hamilton Harbour along Harbour Road. The slow cruise takes place on an older-style ferry and is a peaceful way to travel from Paget and Warwick to Hamilton. Many locals use this as a commute ferry, but it is also enjoyed by many visitors to cruise along the shores and look at the white-roofed homes. The total run time is 40 minutes. 

From Belmont Ferry you can access the Belmont Hills Golf Course, Divots Bar and Grill and Blu Bar and Grill. From Darrell’s Wharf, it is a short walk to the popular brunch spot Fourways Restaurant & Inn. From Hodson’s Ferry, you can access the Aurora restaurant Three Graces Day Spa at Newstead Belmont Hills.


The Orange Route is a fast ferry from the westernmost point of the island to the easternmost point of the island. The total travel time is 45 minutes as it travels down the North Shore from Dockyard to St George’s. This route is seasonal from May to October. Take a seat on the top deck and catch views of the cliffs at Admiralty House, the Governor’s House, Shelly Bay, Fort St Catherine’s, and Gate’s Fort.


The following is a list of ferry docks and their locations. For more on all of the island's ferries, see the SeaExpress website.

  • Belmont Ferry Dock - Harbour Road, Warwick
  • Cavello Bay - Long Point Lane and Scotts Hill Road, Sandys
  • Darrell's Wharf - Harbour Road between Morgan Road and Cobb’s Hill Road, Paget
  • Dockyard Wharf - Dockyard Terrace, Sandys
  • Hamilton Ferry Terminal - 8 Front Street, Pembroke, City of Hamilton
  • Hodson's Ferry - Harbour Road and Chapel Road, Paget
  • Lower Ferry - Harbour Road, Paget
  • Rockaway - Tribe Road No. 5, Southampton
  • Salt Kettle - 10 Salt Kettle Road, Paget
  • St. George's Ferry Dock - Water Street and King Street, St. George’s
  • Watford Bridge - Watford Bridge, Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys

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