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From Mary Ewing Outerbridge's famous introduction of the sport to America to the island's regular USTA events, Bermuda has a unique relationship with tennis.

Couple that with ideal year-round weather, scenic courts and a surprisingly short distance from the U.S. East Coast, and it's a match made in heaven. Explore why Bermuda is a tennis event planner's dream – you'll love what you discover.

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Bermuda Loves Tennis

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Year-Round Play

Thanks in part to the Gulf Stream, Bermuda has a mild year-round climate that makes being outdoors pleasant no matter the month you're planning on holding your event. Light ocean winds make for varied levels of difficulty: courts with stunning coastal vistas offer more challenging play, while games on inland courts are less influenced by the island's gentle breezes. Learn more about Bermuda's weather.

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Abundant Courts

For an island consisting of just 21 square miles, there sure are a lot of places to hold a tennis tournament or camp: the island has seven available tennis facilities comprising a total of 37 courts; both hard and clay surfaces are available. Some are resort courts, while others are standalone tennis facilities – most have regulation dimensions. There is said to be one grass court remaining on the island, but it's on private property. See individual facility listings for court details.

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A Perfect Match

Bermuda's tennis legacy goes way back. According to the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Philadelphia-born Bermudian Mary Ewing Outerbridge discovered the game during a visit to her family's ancestral home on the island in 1874. After learning how to play from British officers stationed in Bermuda, she sailed back to New York with tennis equipment and introduced the sport to Staten Island – a move that earned her the title “the Mother of American Tennis.”

Tennis Event Essentials


Out here, ease of travel doesn't end with the two hours or less it takes to get here from the U.S. East Coast. Once you're here, you'll discover that the proximity of all the island's tennis facilities is surprisingly close to places to stay, dining and nightlife and things to do. Many resorts have top-notch courts on site (ever played on a pink tennis court? You can at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club!), and whatever your chosen venue for game play, there will be great event venues, accommodations and activities quite nearby.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa – Tennis


With all the space dedicated to tennis play (not to mention the island's rich tennis history) there's also a good number of avid tennis players on island. The primary tennis league on the island is the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association, which runs three adult leagues as well as tennis programs for youth and seniors, among other things. BLTA is headquartered at W.E.R. Joell Tennis Stadium, a government-run facility near Hamilton, Bermuda's capital.

Fairmont Southampton Tennis Facility – Tennis

Pro Shops

Out here, tennis facilities across the island have full-service pro shops – and, in many cases, a tennis pro on site – to equip players with what they need to succeed. Complexes with on-site pro shops include the Fairmont Southampton Tennis Facility, Elbow Beach Tennis, Rosewood Bermuda's Tucker's Point Tennis Club.

BTA Services & Support

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Planning & Promotion

The process for planning your tennis event on an island in the middle of the Atlantic doesn't have to be a mystery. The dedicated, experienced sports planning team at the Bermuda Tourism Authority is here to help you plan your event down to the finest detail. The team can assist you with venue and accommodation selection, coordinate activities for attendees, distribute RFPs on your behalf, connect you to the island's tennis community, promote your event and much more.

Site Visits & Tours

With so many potential places to hold your tennis event, it might be difficult to decide which court/courts are right for your group's need – let alone where to stay, where to eat and where to hold ceremony events and other celebrations. That's why BTA invites sporting event organisers to come see the island's facilities in person, and is happy to coordinate tours. Some groups qualify for discounts on site visits. For more information, contact BTA.

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Event Execution

BTA's support doesn't end when the first ball is served – or even the last. Out here, you can expect dedicated on-island assistance throughout your event. These services can include official welcome letters, maps and brochures, photo/video, assistance with media, coach greetings and recommendations for entertainment and experiences. From pinnacle and professional events to camps and retreats, it's what we're here for.

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Bermuda's 21 square miles are packed with hidden gems, nooks and crannies, and new-to-you discoveries. Let us show you around.


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An award-winning US middle-distance runner with Olympian roots, the BTA’s Director of Sports & Business Development, Hazel Clark and her team will help take your event to the finish line. Contact her to start planning today.

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