24 Things to do in Bermuda in 2024

Whether you're a return visitor in search of fresh island adventures or a new to 'the rock' on the hunt for your next big bucket-list vacation, you've landed in the perfect spot. As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, let's raise a glass to the spirit of Bermuda! 

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A group are posing in front of the Bermuda sign.

To kick off 2024 with a bang, we've put together a list of 24 things to do in Bermuda this year. Read along to learn all our must-dos, top sights, and reasons why you absolutely must soak up our Bermudaful island this year.

1. Enjoy our Beautiful Year-Round Weather

Endless summer, anyone? Bermuda’s seasonal weather serves up a sub-tropical getaway every season, making any time the perfect time to escape. Our mild winters are all about swapping the heavy layers for lighter attire and diving into outdoor fun — think golf, running, pickleball, and whatever else floats your boat. Bermuda’s winter weather will allow you to swap snow shoes for bare feet beach walks, the ideal winter warmer with your loved ones. So, why wait? Pack your best attitude and sense of adventure because the weather's always right for a good time in Bermuda! Check out our monthly weather here.

2. Experience a Day on a Picturesque Pink-Sand Beach

Pink-sand beaches? Yes, you heard that right! Bermuda's legendary charm unveils itself in the embrace of our serene pink-sand beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. It's not just a trait; it's our island's signature invitation for a beautiful beachside escape. The pink colour comes from tiny, red organisms that live under coral reefs — red foraminifera. Bermuda’s colourful Parrot Fish are responsible for scraping them off the rocks and reefs as they feed on algae, and they are eventually broken down into tiny pink specs. When they wash ashore, they mix with the sand, giving the beaches that distinctive rosy tint.

An aerial view of scenic Horseshoe Bay beach.

3. Feast on Uniquely Bermudian Cuisine

We're all about the foodie life in Bermuda. Discover the island's culinary offerings at local restaurants, or indulge in private dining options with a homegrown chef. Start the year off with a bang during Bermuda’s 13th Annual Restaurant Weeks, where you can taste exclusive menus from over 45 restaurants and take part in elevated fine-dining events from January 18-February 29. Don't miss The Loren's Celebrity Chef Series for a taste of star-studded delights. And mark your calendar for foodie fiestas like Vegan Fest (August 25) and St. George's Seafood Festival. Hungry now? Us too! 

But what’s a meal without a delicious drink to accompany it? It’s time to sip on a Bermuda staple — the Dark 'n Stormy®! It's not just a cocktail, it's our national drink, a trademarked masterpiece made with Goslings Black Seal Rum and Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer.

4. Experience Cup Match Weekend

GQ Magazine dubbed it “The Most Fun Island Party You’ve Never Heard Of” and it’s the best time to visit and immerse yourself in Bermudian culture  o experience Cup Match Weekend - the ultimate Bermudian four day holiday centred around a cricket match that also  honours Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day - It's not just any cricket match —  it's a two-day cricket showdown between rival teams that turns the whole island into an epic party like no other, where the spirit of freedom and resilience fills the air, and the island comes alive with cricket matches, music, and a festive atmosphere. Families and friends gather to enjoy the spirited rivalry, colourful attire, and delicious traditional foods, creating an unforgettable experience unique to the Bermudian summer. 

Take part in the colourful chaos of the powdered paint Bacchanal Run, and don't miss the boat at the Non-Mariners Raft-Up, where you can link up with a dozen boats for a day of on the water shenanigans. Cup Match is the biggest cultural celebration of the year and you won't want to miss a beat!

5. Stride into Bermuda’s Past on a Walking Tour with Long Story Short 

Uncover the intriguing depths of Bermuda's rich history! Embark on a journey through the enchanting historical charm of the Town of St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to over four centuries of captivating stories. Let the Long Story Short Walking Tour, artfully guided by the award-winning guide Kristin White, unravel the tales of individuals of African descent and their profound impact on the soul of Bermuda.

6. Explore the Crystal Caves 

Let’s rewind to 1907: two adventurous kids transformed a simple game of cricket into an epic quest for a lost ball, unveiling Bermuda's largest and most enchanting cave system! 

Marvel at stunning structures and sparkly stalactites of white limestone dripping from above in Bermuda's Crystal Caves. Begin your tour in a lush garden lined with royal palms before descending into this subterranean cave where you will cross the floating bridge to peer into a crystal-clear lake revealing more intricate rock formations underwater. 

Tours are given daily and reservations aren’t required. Crystal Caves of Bermuda recommends you wear rubber-soled shoes during your tour. Walk-ins are welcome, however wait times may vary, so we advise to book in advance by phone: (441) 293-0640. 

Crystal Caves of Bermuda – Crystal Caves

7. Take off to Bermuda for a Long Weekend 

Pack your bags for a seamless escape! Bermuda is just a hop, skip, and jump away from many major airports along the Eastern U.S. With flight times of less than two hours, you'll find yourself transported from the hustle and bustle of city life to the tranquillity of our pink-sand beaches in no time. On your departure U.S. customs are handled in Bermuda, so travellers deboard in a domestic terminal, making the trip home a breeze.

Whether you're daydreaming about a spontaneous getaway or planning a well-deserved vacation, Bermuda is your shortcut to relaxation! Discover how to get to our 21-square-mile-island here

8. Hit the Greens

Did you know Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world? Swing into Bermuda's golfing paradise to encounter beautiful courses across the island, each featuring unique charm, challenges and hospitality. 

It's no wonder both visitors and pros alike eagerly anticipate teeing off on these picturesque courses. The Butterfield Bermuda PGA Championship and Celebrity Golf Invitational stand as the best events to witness the allure of our golfing scene.

Escape to Bermuda on the ultimate golf vacation with our exclusive Fly, Stay, Play packages, where you’ll find deals on flights, accommodation and world-class rounds of golf. 

A man is teeing off on a scenic course with the ocean in the background.

9. Visit Lili Bermuda to Create Your Own Scent

Ready to craft your own Bermudian aroma? Dive into the aromatic world of Lili Bermuda's custom perfume-making class, where your nose becomes the brush of a scent artist! Lili Bermuda began when a vintage perfume bottle was found in the 150-year-old shipwreck of Mary Celestia in 2011, and then was recreated!

Located in a charming home surrounded by a blossoming garden in the Town of St. George’s, Lili Bermuda offers delightful classes paired with afternoon tea. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic escapade, a group of friends looking for the perfect keepsake, or a family looking for a fragrant bonding experience, this activity promises joy for all senses.

10. Go Wreck Diving

Explore beyond the surface! Since Bermuda's first settlers arrived unexpectedly, our coastline has earned fame for the most wrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Dive enthusiasts can explore these historic wrecks and Bermudaful coral reefs with various tour options for all skill levels. 

Discover the sunken shipwrecks and join us in exploring Bermuda's underwater wonders on a diving adventure in Bermuda.

A couple is holding hands under water by a shipwreck

11. Learn about Bermuda’s Black Heritage

Enjoy an inspiring day filled with history and cultural celebration on Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail. From the lively Dockyard to the charming Town of St. George, you'll be tracing the footsteps of the incredible individuals who shaped Bermuda's heritage. Did you know that over 50% of Bermudians have African ancestry? It’s deep in our island’s roots. 

One highlight along the trail is the visit to Mary Prince's home. Born in the late 1780s as an enslaved person, Mary Prince defied the odds by publishing a gripping account of her life in bondage. Mary was the first enslaved Black woman to publish her autobiography, The History of Mary Prince. She was the storyteller of an abolitionist collaborative writing team that brought her story to print and contributed significantly to ending slavery in Great Britain and all British colonies. 

Mary Prince Day is celebrated as part of Cup Match, a two-day historic holiday in Bermuda. Cup Match commemorates the emancipation of those enslaved in 1834. 

12. Visit Local Museums & Galleries

Travel through the lobby and hotel hallways of the Hamilton Princes & Beach Club and be wowed by their extensive collection, which includes famous artists like Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Yayoi Kusama, Anish Kapoor, and even the iconic Nelson Mandela! And you can’t forget to drop by the National Museum of Bermuda,  Bermuda National Gallery, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and  Bermuda Society of Arts to see even more captivating murals and artwork produced by global artists. Come October, the entire island becomes a canvas during Art Month, with Bermuda hosting a variety of events and activities that celebrate creativity and our local arts scene. 

Masterworks gallery room main entrance.

13. Go Whale Watching

March and April mark the peak months for humpback whale-watching season in Bermuda as they migrate north to feeding grounds in Canada, Greenland, and Iceland, and trust us, you don't want to miss it! Hit the water on a whale watching tour along the Atlantic, and bask in the thrill of anticipation, and the sheer awe as these majestic creatures breach the water’s surface as they play in their natural habitat. So, grab the binoculars and hop aboard!

14. Indulge in Self-Care

Embark on a wellness journey like no other in Bermuda, where serenity takes on a new meaning. Join in on some beach meditation or a foraging tour unveiling the secrets of local herbs and ingredients. Our island offers a haven for wellness-driven vacations catering to solo travellers, couples, and those seeking holistic living.

Immerse yourself in spa experiences that redefine relaxation. Book massages and treatments that take place beneath the mesmerising stalactites of Prospero’s Cave, home to Grotto Bay’s Natura Spa. And, here's a sweet deal for you — check out the Bermuda Spa Month promotion in February 2024 and take advantage of fabulous discounts on treatments at select locations. The path to rejuvenation starts in Bermuda! 

Natura Spa – Massage At Natura

15. Celebrate our Culture on Bermuda Day

Marking the unofficial launch of summer on the island, Bermuda Day isn't just a date, it's a holiday spectacle celebrating the island's rich heritage! The streets of Hamilton will be bursting with excitement as thousands come together for a celebration. Since its inception in 1979, the Bermuda Day Parade has evolved into a grand affair, boasting dance troupes, lively bands, and creative floats. But that's not all — as the sun sets, prepare for the grand finale. The rhythm of the Bermuda Gombeys leads a dance party through the lively streets of the City of Hamilton, ensuring the festivities stretch into the evening. Ready to celebrate with us? 

16. Experience Carnival in Bermuda

Prepare for an explosion of colour and culture as the island lights up for its annual Carnival in Bermuda extravaganza! The four-day celebration sweeps the island every June and features the best in live entertainment, fantastic parties, sunrise and sunset soca fetes, and the dazzling "Revel de Road" parade of bands. But that's not all — imagine boat raft-ups and a symphony of celebrations, all topped off with a national feast honouring Bermuda's National Heroes! This is a visitor favourite in Bermuda! 

17. See Bermuda’s Gombeys Dance 

Music, dance, celebration and culture — that’s what Bermuda’s Gombeys are all about. Catch the troupes in action in their intricately designed costumes dancing to the infectious beat of drums and music on key holidays like Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Cup Match, and beyond. It’s truly an experience you won’t want to miss! 

18. Go on a Walking Tour Through the City of Hamilton

Step into the vibrant heart of Bermuda — the City of Hamilton. Uncover the secrets of this colourful capital with none other than Ed Christopher, the Town Crier who's been the voice of the City of Hamilton for nearly three decades. As one of Bermuda’s most renowned and knowledgeable local figures, he'll lead you on a free walking tour through the enchanting history of Hamilton.

And here's a pro tip for your adventure: Strike a pose in front of the brand-new BERMUDA sign nestled in the heart of Hamilton — because if you didn't snap a picture, did it even happen?

Town crier giving a tour of town.

19. Explore our Eco-Friendly Paradise 

In Bermuda, sustainability is not just a buzzword! Feel the pulse of modern and unforgettable eco-friendly experiences as you navigate the island, from zipping around in electric microcars to supporting businesses committed to green practices.

Bermuda has been a pioneer and leader in sustainable efforts for years, with its first law to protect turtles in 1620, which may have been the New World's first ever written conservation legislation. 

On your 2024 trip to Bermuda, visit the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) to explore their interactive exhibits, hit the water on a kayak to take in the island’s natural beauty, plan to visit the coral reef planting gardens or tour with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. through Tom Moore’s Jungle. 

20. See the Unfinished Church

Bermuda is a stunning backdrop for those magical "I do" moments. Here, your options range from lavish hotel ballrooms to sun-kissed beachside venues and, of course, the allure of standing beneath Bermuda moongates. Now, these moongates aren't just your typical archways — they're part of a Bermudian legend. As the story goes, if lovebirds stroll hand-in-hand through these mystical gates, happiness is in the air. 

But hold on, because our showstopper is none other than the Unfinished Church. Imagine dramatic archways, weathered grey stone playing a symphony with tropical foliage over the vestige of neo-Gothic architecture — it's a love story unfolding in architecture. Are you set to tie the knot in paradise? Bermuda's calling!

A person is driving an electric microcar by a scenic building.

21. Discover Bermuda’s Historic Forts 

Uncover the history of the island's forts, ranging from the obvious to the hidden gems. Fort St. Catherine, Fort Hamilton, Fort Scaur, and Ferry Island Fort all date back to the 1600s, and each has its own unique stories and history. It's not just about exploring ancient stones; it's a chance for parents to dust off their childhood fantasies and, at the same time, spark wild imaginations in the little ones.

22. Celebrate Your Next Milestone or Missed Moment

Are you looking for that ideal destination to celebrate your babymoon, anniversary, or the family reunion that's been on the horizon forever and is finally happening? Find the Time You Lost and plan your next celebration or missed moment in Bermuda in 2024. Whether you're gearing up for some family shenanigans, a romantic escape, or celebrating the bride-to-be, let the good times roll — Bermuda style — and plan your trip now! 

A group of friends are smiling and laughing together.

23. Admire our Architecture

Bermuda is a playground for architecture enthusiasts, offering a fascinating mix of colourful styles and designs from end-to-end. Stroll through the breathtaking street and alleys of St. George’s to take a walk back in time, wander through Flatts Village to admire the vibrant homes or take in the pastel architecture along Front Street in Hamilton. We also recommend admiring Bermuda’s most historic churches like the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, or visiting the Bermuda Historical Society Museum and Sessions House to see some classic Georgian architecture. 

On your architecture adventure, be sure to check out Bermuda’s amazing homes and impressive limestone white-stepped roofs across the island, which act as a natural filtration system as rainwater glides down, ending up in individual water wells. 

24. Save on Your Stay at Bermuda’s Top Resorts 

Are you waiting to book your dream vacation at the perfect time? Well, the wait is over! Save big all year long and enjoy exclusive deals from our hotel partners through promotions like the Pink Sale. Find the perfect home-away-from-home for your visit to the island and make the most out of your trip — and budget — in Bermuda. Keep those eyes peeled and your beach gear ready — you won't want to miss out on these epic offers

Birds eye view of The Reefs with deck and beach.

With endless adventures and must-experience events happening in Bermuda this year, there’s never been a better time to visit. Start planning your trip to Bermuda and escape to island time in 2024.



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