Diving & Snorkelling

Look below the surface

Crystal-clear seas, colourful reefs, haunting shipwrecks – conditions in Bermuda are perfect for diving and snorkelling. Known as the shipwreck capital of the world, the waters around our island house more than 300 sunken vessels that can be explored by divers.

A woman is snorkelling surrounded by coral.

Coral Conservation

Plant your own coral in these unique coral gardens and make your mark on Bermuda’s famous coral reefs. Living Reefs Foundation is a trailblazer in coral reef conservation and seeks to restore and safeguard Bermuda’s 440 square miles of natural coral wealth.

More Water Activities

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Tucked along Bermuda’s beautiful coastline, our blissful beaches beckon. Discover miles of soft pink sands, hidden coves, and dramatic rocky cliffs. 

Sailing is baked into Bermuda’s history and part of our island culture. Embark on a sightseeing cruise, indulge in a private sailing experience, or learn the ropes during a sailing lesson.  

Springtime is prime time for whale watching in Bermuda, as pods of gentle, giant humpbacks pass the island during their migratory journey. 

Bermuda’s waters are as fun as they are stunning – see for yourself with our water sports ranging from laid-back chill to nonstop thrill. 

With some of the best deep-sea fishing opportunities in the Atlantic, the waters around Bermuda are perfect for reeling in something delicious.



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