Bermuda Car Rental Options

Instead of conventional rental cars, Bermuda offers a fun and eco-friendly fleet of two-seater electric vehicles. These compact and safe electric rental cars allow you to explore the whole island, in style and at your own pace (it only takes about an hour to drive from end to end). Get the details on rental car offerings and get ready to road trip through Bermuda.

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Current Vehicles

Current Vehicles offers a fleet of electric cars available at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Four-wheeled and enclosed, the vehicles provide an excellent alternative to the iconic Bermuda scooter. Current’s Renault Twizy is a two-seat, tandem-style microcar with a range of 55+ miles (88km) per charge. The Twizy is small – just under four feet wide – but that means it can nimbly navigate Bermuda’s roads. Keeping your vehicle charged is no problem. You can charge up at the Hamilton Princess or at various “Oasis Points” around the island. Charges are included in the rental fee.Two side by side electric cars

Bermuda Rental Car

Bermuda Rental Car’s Tazzari is a two-passenger enclosed electric car with AC, large windows and a range of 43-miles (70km) per charge. Made in Italy, the Tazzari is as stylish as zero-emissions vehicles come, with several eye-catching colours to choose from and a futuristic design. With side-by-side seating, it’s perfect for couples who want a romantic drive around the island. Bermuda Rental Car also offers another slightly smaller electric vehicle. The Anaig Quick seats two passengers and boasts a similar range to the Tazzari. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate Bermuda’s roads.  

Side by side electric cars


Localmotion’s Bermis are kitted out with air conditioning, Bluetooth for smartphones and a panoramic sunroof – perfect for taking in all those spectacular Bermuda views. Fully electric, these stylish vehicles allow drivers to travel quickly, quietly and swiftly, with a range of almost 100 miles (160km). Bermis come equipped with a powerful lithium battery, which is easily recharged through any 110V socket. 

Electric car in garden

Rugged Rentals

Looking for something a little more muscular? Rugged Rentals now has a fleet of electric minicar Hummer HXTs available for rent in Bermuda. With a range of 70 to 90 miles per charge, these vehicles are sturdy, spacious and – yes – rugged. The Hummer HXTs feature side-by-side leather seating, a Pioneer brand radio with auxiliary jack for your road trip soundtrack, a removable canvas top, a lithium-ion battery, and an eco-drive feature to limit battery usage and speed.

Electric Hummer Truck

Bermuda Driving Tips

  • On Bermudian roads, motorists drive on the left (UK-style).
  • The maximum speed is 22 miles per hour / 35 kilometres per hour.
  • On all Bermuda roads, bicycles and scooters have the same road rights.
  • Always wear your seatbelt when driving.

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