Sacred Spaces: 6 of Bermudas Most Historic Churches

For an island that’s only 21 square miles, Bermuda has a wealth of beautiful churches. Rich with island history, these houses of worship make for romantic wedding venues, impressive sightseeing stops or hallowed spiritual respites from the busy modern world.

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Street view of Bermuda Cathedral.

Whether you're looking to recite your wedding vows or explore island history, Bermuda's churches are a varied lot, with houses of worship ranging from a quaint 1600s chapel to a grand, turn-of-the-20th-century Gothic Revival cathedral. There's even a romantic Unfinished Church in the Town of St. George.

1. St. Peter's Church 

St. Peter's Church, Their Majesties Chappell, the oldest continuously used Anglican church in the western hemisphere, celebrated its 400th year in 2012. Located in the Town of St. George, this historic house of worship has an appeal that has only deepened with age. Its rugged Bermuda cedar beams, candlelit chandeliers and 1615 Communion table help make it an ideal spot for quiet contemplation. Don’t miss the Historic Churchyard outside, where winding brick pathways lead to several graveyards with elaborate headstones dating back centuries.

St. Peter's Church interior view with an alter.

2. Old Devonshire Church

A favourite for candlelit weddings, the Old Devonshire Church boasts a history stretching back to the 1600s. It has undergone various changes over the years, but in the 1970s was reconstructed according to its original, cottage-like design. You'll find a pristine white limestone exterior, Bermuda cedar pulpit and pews plus Communion silver dating back to the late 1500s.  

3. The Unfinished Church

The Unfinished Church looks like a ruin straight from a fairytale. It was planned as a replacement for St. Peter’s Church in the mid-19th century but was never completed. With its soaring stone arches, grassy floor and roof open to the blue sky, it's definitely romantic. That's probably one reason why it's such a popular spot for weddings.

A family is standing in an unfinished church.

4. Heydon Trust Chapel

Built in the early 1600s, the smallest church in Bermuda is also one of the island’s most endearing. Located in Sandys Parish, the non-denominational Heydon Trust Chapel sits amidst 43 acres of lush greenery and flower gardens.

5. Cobb's Hill Methodist Church

Cobb’s Hill Methodist Church was built in 1827 by enslaved individuals and free blacks who didn’t have a place to worship. Since many of these citizens couldn't work during the day, much of the building's construction took place by moonlight – a real labour of love. The congregation includes many descendants of the original workers, and it's a stop on the African Diaspora Heritage Trail.

Cobb's Hill Methodist Church Plaque

6. Bermuda Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, this Anglican house of worship in the City of Hamilton is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. Constructed mostly out of Bermuda limestone, the church was completed in 1905. It hosts daily services open to everyone. It also holds one of the most spectacular views on the island: climb the 155 steps to the top of the cathedral’s tower and you’ll be rewarded with a panorama of Hamilton and beyond.



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