Bermuda's National Holidays

Bermuda’s public holidays are certain to delight visitors of all ages. We hope you will join in the celebration, complete with Gombey dancers and maybe a parade. Following is a list of our national celebrations for 2024.

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Gombey dancers at Carnival

New Year’s Day

1 January 2024

Sporting events held island-wide and the Gombeys dance in the streets throughout the neighbourhoods. 

Good Friday

29 March 2024

Bermudians traditionally spend the day kite flying in open fields and on beaches such as at Horseshoe Bay Beach and eating codfish cakes and hot cross buns.

Bermuda Day

24 May 2024

Bermuda Day is the highlight of Heritage Month, the month of May. Formerly known as Victoria Day (after Queen Victoria) and later Empire Day, the holiday is now Bermuda Day...a day steeped in tradition. Bermudians traditionally take their first dip in the ocean; sporting events include the Half-Marathon Derby running races, plus fast-paced cycle and roller blade races all between Somerset Island and Pembroke Parish; the Bermuda Fitted Dinghies' first race of the season is held in St. George's Harbour. The afternoon features the colourful and cultural Bermuda Day Parade that winds through the streets of the City of Hamilton.

National Heroes’ Day

17 June 2024

Every year we honour those individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Bermuda's heritage and set a shining example of service on behalf of others.

Emancipation Day & Mary Prince Day

1, 2 August 2024

Before 1947, too many Bermudians were missing work to attend an annual cricket tournament, the Cup Match. So, it was declared a two-day holiday with historical reason: Emancipation Day commemorates the end of enslavement (August 1, 1834); Mary Prince Day, named after a once enslaved Bermudian who became a hero of the abolitionist movement in Britain. The two full days of cricket are broadcast live on both local radio and TV so you can follow the game while enjoying the beaches and parks or staying home and relaxing.

Labour Day

2 September 2024

The Labour Day holiday activities are organised by the Joint Labour Day Organsing Committee that comprise all of Bermuda's trade unions and the corporate sector. The day's activities include a march, road races, entertainment, cultural food and exhibition.

Remembrance Day

11 November 2024

Bermuda's Fallen Heroes are remembered and honoured in this solemn parade and service held at The Cenotaph on Front Street in the City of Hamilton. 

Christmas Day

25 December 2024

Special Nativity Tidings and Christmas Eve midnight candlelight services in all denominations island wide. Explore more Christmas events in Bermuda.

Boxing Day

26 December 2024

Boxing day is traditionally a day to visit friends and family or to receive guests, and finish off the Christmas eats such as cassava pie. Sporting activities include soccer and harness racing. Also, the Gombeys can appear anytime, anywhere!



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