Gombey dancers at Carnival

Carnival in Bermuda

Experience Carnival in Bermuda, a five-star celebration with a passion for culture. With live performances, Soca music, and fun that never stops. The annual event takes place each June.


Carnival participant

One of the island’s biggest summer celebrations, Carnival in Bermuda is a non-stop party that features local cuisine, Soca music, a parade of bands, and a raft up. Events include Thursday's opening all-inclusive fete, the all-night J'Ouvert Celebration, the Parade of Bands, and celebrations for Bermuda's National Heroes.

Carnival in Bermuda Long Weekend

Here's a recap of the 2022 Carnival in Bermuda events. Check back for updates on 2023 festivities! 

Celebrating Bermuda's National Heroes

The last day of Carnival in Bermuda coincides with Bermuda's National Heroes Day holiday, which honours Bermudians who are “admired and acknowledged for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.” National Heroes include Gladys Carlyon de Courcy Morrell, a leader of the 30-year campaign for women’s voting rights in Bermuda, beginning in the 1920s, and Sir Edward Trenton Richards, one of a small group of visionaries who laid the foundations for the diverse, inclusive Bermuda of today.

Carnival In Bermuda



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