People dancing in pose at Bermuda Carnival.

Carnival in Bermuda

June 12 - 17, 2024

Immerse yourself in island culture. Bermuda Carnival is four days full of feathers, flags, paint, powder, music, live performances, top DJs, sunrise fetes, boat cruises, and of course, the main event Revel the Road.

Bermuda Carnival is one of the newest and fastest-growing Carnivals! The events keep a nice balance between turnt-up parties and fetes and more intimate and exclusive experiences. Take a look at our 2023 carnival below.

This is one of the island’s biggest summer celebrations, and it should not be missed! From Thursday-Monday you can expect a non-stop party through the days and nights. Most events are all-inclusive and will include local cuisine, unlimited drinks, and lots of soca music. 

For the main event, you can choose to join one of three Bands - Party People, Nova Mas or Code Red. Select your costume and hit the road for a day of chippin' and whining.

Carnival in Bermuda Long Weekend

With a gorgeous island setting as backdrop, Carnival In Bermuda brings together revelers for several days and nights of pure island excitement. Experience one of the island's biggest summer celebrations featuring local cuisine, fetes, Soca music, a "Revel de Road" parade of bands, a raft up and more, as well as a national feast celebrating Bermuda's National Heroes.

Get an idea of what's to come with the 2024 schedule of events:

Day One | Wednesday, June 12th

  • Harbour Nights x Carnival in Bermuda Family Fete 

Day Two | Thursday, June 13th

  • Evolve: The all-inclusive fete to kick off Carnival in Bermuda. 
  • Army Fete

Day Three | Friday, June 14th 

  • Oasis Sunrise Fete : From 5am to 11am, the party will keep on going as the sun rises over Bermuda.
  • Flag Invasion 
  • Classic Old School Fete 
  • We Love Dancehall 

Day Four | Saturday, June 15th 

  • Swizzle @ Sunrise : Formerly known as Mai Tai Sunrise, this late-night into early morning experience will be unforgettable. 
  • Raft Up : A Bermudian tradition morphed into a unique and exciting event on the water. 
  • Soca in the City
  • Euphoria: From 10pm to 4am, this Beach Chic event will have you in a state of intense excitement and happiness.

Day Five | Sunday, June 16th 

  • WETTA: This all-inclusive, wet experience is drenched with a vibe that is second to none. 
  • Glow: This year's Glow theme 'Pretty in Pink', and the event will feature top entertainment in an amazing setting. 
  • Pure The White Party: Pure is a glamourous experience from start to finish. 

Day Six | Monday, June 17th 

  • JAM J'Ouvert: A party that doesn't stop 'til the sun comes up, JAM is a lively bacchanal with paint and water. 
  • Revel de Road: Mas bands will parade through the streets decked out in their most incredible outfits.
Two girls are posing during Jam Jourverte

Celebrating Bermuda's National Heroes 

The last day of Carnival in Bermuda coincides with Bermuda's National Heroes Day holiday, which honours Bermudians who are “admired and acknowledged for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.” National Heroes include Gladys Carlyon de Courcy Morrell, a leader of the 30-year campaign for women’s voting rights in Bermuda, beginning in the 1920s, and Sir Edward Trenton Richards, one of a small group of visionaries who laid the foundations for the diverse, inclusive Bermuda of today.

A group of boats are rafted up.



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