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Uncover the Magic of Humpback Whale Watching in Bermuda

From March to April, humpback whales migrate through the waters surrounding Bermuda on their journey northward from their breeding grounds in the Caribbean to their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic. The warm shallow waters become a playground for the whales and their young calves and locals and visitors alike head out to watch them frolic in the crystal clear waters. 

This offers visitors and locals alike the chance to witness these majestic creatures, and their playful behaviour, in their natural environment set against the backdrop of Bermuda’s azure waters and coral reefs. The perfect activity for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. 

There are some areas on the island where you can spot the whales splashing in the distance, and with a good pair of binoculars this can be a fascinating experience. However, the best way to catch these splendid mammals in action is to take one of the organised boat tours. 

Top Tips for Whale Watching

A day out on the water in Bermuda is always a good day, whether you see one whale or many whales you will be sure to have a great time. Below are a few helpful hints to help you prepare for a half-day out on the open ocean in Bermuda. 

What to wear:

You will be heading about a mile offshore, and tour operators will have had their eye on the weather to advise if the water is too rough for sightings. In the months of March and April the open ocean air can feel a little cooler than the summer months, depending on the day. Take comfortable layers with you, including a sweater and a waterproof windbreaker. Comfortable, closed toe shoes are best for the boat.

What to pack:

Make sure to pack sun protection, even if you are covered in layers the sun reflects off the ocean and people often forget about exposed areas of skin. Sunscreen and a hat are highly recommended. 
Create keepsake memories by bringing a camera or smartphone to capture your whale sightings. 
If you suffer from motion sickness it is a good idea to take some precautionary intervention both before the tour and on the tour if needed. 

Finally, it is important to respect these mammals in their natural habitat. Safety is a top priority for both the whales and our visitors so we urge people not to swim with the whales, or to get too close to them if you are not on a registered tour operated boat. 

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