Your Bermuda Bucket List: Summer Edition

While Bermuda is home to world-class natural beauty like pink sand beaches and crystal clear azure waters, there are endless hidden gems, unique island culture, and only-in-Bermuda experiences that await if you explore off the beaten path. 

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A group of girls are jumping off a floating dock.

On your next summer getaway to Bermuda, get lost with these authentically local adventures and scratch them off of Your Bermuda Bucket List. 

Catch an Eastern County Cricket Game (July to August)

We don't just play cricket during Cup Match Weekend in Bermuda. The beloved sport has been a cherished tradition on the island since 1844 and has been a staple during the summer season ever since. Watch a game at St. David’s Cricket Club or Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club and enjoy the same food and festivities as Cup Match, including Crown & Anchor.

Visit Spittal Pond when the the Seasonal Plankton Bloom turns it Pink

Every summer, Spittal Pond at the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Smith’s transforms into a vibrant pink hue to match our pink paradise due to a seasonal plankton bloom. As the weather gets warmer in the summer, the algae causes the pond to transform into an incredible pink hue.

A pond has turned bright pink.

Watch the Powerboats fly by during the Round The Island Boat Race 

See some of the fastest powerboats to ever hit Bermuda’s waters at the 'Round the Island Boat Race'. Every year, the event is hosted on the first Sunday (August 13) after Cup Match Weekend and people can be found along the shore and on their boats getting ready to watch the boats zip by.

Watch the Day Disappear on a Sunset Cruise 

There's something extra about watching those Bermuda sunsets on the water. Watch the sun go down on a sunset cruise while you savour a rum swizzle and the scenic sights of Bermuda’s colourful coastline.


Catch the Glow Worms and Bioluminescence after a Full Moon

In the summer and fall on the third night after a full moon, you can see glow worms circling around the surface of the sea with a bright green glow that illuminates the surrounding waters. Book a tour with Ana Luna Adventures to see this incredible natural phenomenon.

Build a Pink Sand Sculpture at a Sand Castle Class (August - September)

Get in touch with your creative side and learn the art of sandcastle making with a class led by a seasoned pro. In August and early September, the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition hosts free workshops and tutorials at Horseshoe Bay Beach where you’ll learn techniques from talented Bermudian sand sculptor Hannah Emmerson.

Bermuda Sandcastle Competition 2023

Practice Balance with Paddleboard Yoga

Find your namaste in paradise and do a paddleboard yoga session along Bermuda’s crystal clear waters. Graykite offers classes from beginner to acro SUP yoga, which includes rentals.

Go Snorkelling to Find the Colourful Parrotfish that helps make our Sand Pink 

Named after their vibrant colours and beaked mouth, parrot fish are reef cleaners who scrape algae off rocks as their primary diet. The result of this diet is…sand! Our parrot fish are very important to our ocean ecosystem, and for that reason, they are protected from fishing. This makes them very easy to find and often you will see them right off the beach.

A variety of fish are swimming around a shipwreck.

Catch a SpaceX Launch fly through the Night Sky

SpaceX rockets that launch from the East Coast after sunset can usually be seen in Bermuda on a clear night. If you’re eager to track when SpaceX will be in the sky, check out the launch schedule by Next Spaceflight.

Rent a Private Island 

Ever dreamt of having your very own private island? Make those dreams a reality and book one of Bermuda’s exclusive, unspoiled private islands like Hawkins Island, a 25 acres of lush woodland reserve with a tranquil private beach.

A private island with a house and beach with people on the patio.

Go under Somerset Bridge by Kayak or Jet Ski

On your next summer getaway to Bermuda, cruise under the Somerset Bridge, the world’s smallest drawbridge, on a kayak or jet ski. Book your on the water ride with H20 Watersports or K.S. WaterSports Adventure Tours & Rentals.

Try Deep Sea Fishing

The world record books are proof that Bermuda's waters offer some of the best big game fishing on the planet. There's a reason we've earned our spot in the big-game fisherman's playbook decades ago; our waters are a wonderland for wahoo with magnificent marlin and tons of tuna to reel in on an unforgettable deep sea fishing experience. You can book your bucket list fishing expedition with a local tour operator such as Early Bird Charters.

A fishing boat with rods are in the water.

Freedive with the Locals through Bermuda's Reefs

Learn to freedive with Freedive Bermuda, and explore Bermuda’s impressive shipwrecks and colourful reefs with a local expert. The freedive tour operator was started by two ocean-loving cousins, with a collective passion for sharing the beauty of our waters with both locals and tourists in a safe and affordable way.

Find the Mermaid carved into the rock's at John Smith's Bay 

Spend the day exploring the stretch of lush pink sand and supreme snorkelling conditions at John Smith’s Bay, and discover the mermaid carving inside of a cave tucked away on the left side of the beach. This bay was named after Captain John Smith, the same man who famously encountered Pocahontas during his tenure at Jamestown, and who later created the first map of Bermuda.

John Smith's Bay – John Smith's

Get Lost in Bermuda

Have you added these only-in-Bermuda experiences to your hit list yet? Share with us your photos and videos of you scratching these activities off your list by using the hashtag #BermudaBucketList and start planning your island getaway to our 21-square-mile island paradise.



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