Your Bermuda Bucket List: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, the longtails have returned, and a warm salty breeze is in the air. Is an island getaway to paradise calling your name this season? 

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A little girl is running in the grass.

Escape the ordinary and check these unique experiences off of Your Bermuda Bucket List this spring.

Tackle Obstacles and Test Your Teamwork

Take part in the Bermuda Triple Challenge - a three-day event where teams will tackle obstacles in courses from East to West, including cultural and historical highlights. Test your athletic skill in the competitive division or grab some friends and have a laugh along the way to participate for charity. 

Try a Hot Cross Bun and Fish Cake

Around Easter time you will find hot cross bun everywhere, and the tradition is to eat it with a codfish cake in the middle (don’t knock it until you try it). There is a serious debate about raisins or no raisins, try both and decide for yourself! 

Join the Locals at the Bermuda Day Parade (May)

Celebrate Bermuda Day and the island’s heritage with thousands of revellers filling Hamilton’s streets. The annual parade features local bands, floats and dancers who start marching around 1pm from Albuoy’s Point on the west end of Front Street, with a grand finale featuring Bermuda’s Gombeys leading a dance party through the streets. The parade route ends with food stalls (try the wahoo nuggets and fresh fish sandwich) and live performances from Bermuda’s best. 

A group of young girls are dancing in majorettes.

Walk on the Bottom of the Ocean with Hartley’s Helmet Dive

Discover what it feels like to breathe underwater and walk along the ocean floor with Hartley’s Undersea Walk. The tour operator has been leading underwater walks since 1947, using a unique helmet-diving system with large glass windows — no scuba lessons or experience required.

Get Covered in Paint and Powder at the Bacchanal Run (June)

Join the party during Carnival in Bermuda and take the streets for the Bacchanal Run, a two-mile party with Soca and Reggae jams as the soundtrack. Dance through Bermuda’s streets with hundreds of partygoers as the crowd is covered with colourful paint. 

A group of friends are covered with paint at jouvert.

Find the Sheep at the National Museum of Bermuda

The National Museum of Bermuda is home to over 500 years of the island’s history, but that’s not all! You’ll also discover a roaming flock of sheep that provides natural landscaping to the museum. Spot these grazing sheep, also known as sheep-scapers, at the museum on your next visit to the island.  

Dive at a Famous Shipwreck

Did you know that Bermuda’s waters are home to the most shipwrecks per capita than anywhere else in the world? Dive or snorkel these underwater treasures and get lost in some of our favourite shipwreck sites like the Hermes, the Cristóbal Colón and the Iristo (Aristo).

Attend a World-Class Sporting Event

Grab front row seats to see international track stars, sailors and triathletes. Bermuda is hosting major sporting events like USATF Bermuda Grand Prix and SailGP Bermuda Grand Prix, and you can get up close to the action. Look out for tickets to these thrilling events.

A group of women are running on a track.

Take a Surfing Lesson on Bermuda’s Calm Shores

Hang 10 along the island’s crystal clear waters and try your hand at surfing with Isolated, a local company making waves in Bermuda’s surf scene. They offer lessons every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-12:30pm, as well as day camps, rentals, ding repair, and accessories.

Walk Through the Banyan Tree Tunnel in Southlands

Southlands is a stunning 37-acre estate located in Warwick parish that is home to garden pools, woodland areas, a beach of its own, a historic main house, and limestone quarry gardens. In this parkland area, you’ll find the biggest Banyan grove in Bermuda and 13 species of trees exclusively located in Southlands.

A woman is walking under banyan trees.

Birdwatch on Cooper’s Island — and Try to Spot the Rare Endemic Cahow

Get lost on Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a 12-acre secluded area that boasts natural beauty at every turn and is teeming with birdlife. Get your binoculars out and try to spot the rare endemic cahow while wandering through the scenic trails and along the white-sand beaches. 

Eat at an Authentic Bermudian Café, such as Mama Angies

When you’re visiting the island, be sure to stop at a local café, like Mama Angies, to taste authentic Bermudian eats. Order up a classic Bermudian fish sandwich or other Bermudian favourites like cod cake and eat among the locals.

Close up of Mama Angie's Fish Sandwich

Go on a Segway Tour

Take a high-tech Segway Tour of the historic Royal Naval Dockyard on a Segway Human Transporter. These environmentally friendly, self-balancing vehicles let you glide around the Dockyard and the cruise ship dock at King’s Wharf.

Get Lost in Bermuda

Are you ready to explore off the beaten path in Bermuda? Share with us your photos and videos of you scratching these spring activities off your list by using the hashtag #BermudaBucketList on social media and start planning your dream trip to our slice of paradise.



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