Exploring Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Open to the public since 1995, this serene, wooded reserve surrounded by water is one of Bermuda's most pristine – and most picturesque – natural attractions.

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An empty calm beach with house and greenery in the background.

Located at the southeastern tip of Bermuda, Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is home to a quiet and unspoiled park with extensive walking trails, stunning views of Castle Harbour and access to several beautiful public beaches, including Turtle Bay and the popular Clearwater Beach at Annie's Bay.

This peaceful reserve blends beach and forest, perfect for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, snorkelling and turtle spotting.

Cooper's island

Until 1995, Cooper's Island was a restricted area, occupied for years by the U.S. military and later used as a NASA space tracking station. Today, most of the island is open to the public and the 12-acre nature reserve, part of the Bermuda national park system, is under active restoration.

Cooper's Island highlights include a restored pond and salt marsh area complete with a boardwalk. Meander through the salt marsh, keeping your eyes peeled for killifish, giant land crabs and seabirds like herons, egrets and kingfishers.

The Wildlife Observation Tower at the far end of the peninsula offers spectacular views of the Bermuda coastline – a great place to spot whales and migratory birds.




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