Your Bermuda Bucket List: Fall Edition

As the warm weather begins to wind down on the East Coast, we continue to celebrate our endless summer in Bermuda with epic island traditions, offbeat adventures and some of our favourite events of the year. 

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A woman in cycling along a railway trail.

Explore beyond the beaches and discover the true essence of Bermuda with some of the island’s best-kept secrets this fall by scratching these unique, authentically local experiences off of Your Bermuda Bucket List. 

Discover the Railway Trail from East to West

Walk, bike or run on the Bermuda Railway Trail National Park. Spanning the island from end to end, the Railway Trail follows an abandoned railbed that winds 18 miles through tranquil landscapes and rocky coastline. While this must-do experience is accessible year-round, the fall is one of our favourite times of year to hit the trails.

Find Your Groove at the Bermuda Gombey Festival Weekend 

Visit Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens Show Ring on October 7th for a family fun event, and lots and lots of Gombeys! The free event brings out many locals and visitors to celebrate the island Gombey Troupes and dance the day away with them. This is possibly the best way to see the Gombeys, as the different groups interact with each other, show off their best moves and perform in the Show Ring. 

A Gomeby Group is performing in the street with a dancer in the middle.

Walk through a Moongate with Your Loved One

The moongate, one of Bermuda’s national symbols, traces its roots to China and is said to bring good luck. Moongates are made of local limestone and can be spotted gracing Bermuda's public parks, hotel grounds and private homes. Legend says that if newlyweds step through a moongate hand-in-hand, happiness will endure, which is why it's common to see newlyweds kissing or posing under these intriguing stone passageways. Newlywed or not, you're welcome to step through one of the island's dozens of moongates and make a wish.

Visit Glass Beach

Located in Sandy's Parish, this scenic spot is home to colourful sea glass scattered across the beach and its shore. Bring a picnic lunch and get lost in the soothing sound of the beach's calm waters as you take in the Bermudaful surrounding views.⁣ It is illegal to remove the glass, so remember to leave the beach as you found it for everyone to enjoy.

A close up view of Glass Beach in Sandy's Parish.

Grab a Specialty Drink from Baby Bean Coffee Truck in St. George’s

Visit Bermuda’s East End and get your favourite specialty coffee order or iced tea and a homemade pastry from the Baby Bean Coffee Truck. The truck can be found right by the water, down a little alley off Water Street in the Town of St. George.

Secure Tickets to a Local Theatre or Dance Performance

While Bermuda is known for its outdoor adventures and natural beauty, our 21-square-mile island has an impressive arts and culture scene that is ready for you to discover. Get a taste of the performing arts in Bermuda and see a theatrical performance with the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society, Hasty Pudding Theatricals or see a dance production at the Jackson School of Performing Arts.

Dance performers on stage

Catch a Fish off one of the Many Public Docks

Reel in the catch of the dash and catch a local fish from one of Bermuda’s public docks. If you don’t intend to eat the fish, release it, but if you’re looking for a fresh feast, many restaurants will fry up your catch for you. We suggest you try your luck at Flatts Village or Kings Wharf, but you can fish from any dock unless there’s signage that indicates fishing is not permitted. 

Have a Bonfire on the Beach

Extend your day at the beach with a bonfire that burns into the evening. Lighting a fire on the beach is illegal without the necessary permits, but the local company Bermuda Bonfires takes all the hard work out of it and will illuminate your night with roaring embers on the beach of your choice. For an added fee, include fun extras like tiki-torches, rose petals or a grill so you can cook your own food around a crackling fire. 

Join a Yoga Class Inside a Cave

Move and breathe your way to bliss in one of Bermuda’s caves with Explore In. Cave yoga is an act of remembering the wonder that is your body, your breath, and this earth. The class is for all levels of practitioners and each teacher will share their own interpretation of the vinyasa style.  

Make Your Bucket List Trip to Bermuda a Reality

Escape off the beaten path and find an unforgettable fall getaway in Bermuda. Discover more of the top experiences in the fall and start planning your next island getaway to our remote paradise in the heart of the Atlantic.  

Have you added these only-in-Bermuda experiences to your hit list yet? Share with us your photos and videos of you scratching these activities off your list by using the hashtag #BermudaBucketList



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