Bermudian Traditions for Easter Weekend

Bermudians celebrate Easter with colourful, spring-inspired events, foods and worship. Flying kites, eating hot cross buns and attending sunrise services are just a few ways you can join in the festivities. 


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Good Friday Kites

Leading up to the Easter weekend, Bermudians spend time crafting their traditional Bermuda kites and getting them ready to send sky-high. The delicate kites are made from wooden sticks, string, and brightly coloured tissue paper. Everyone is an artist when it comes to kite making, and every kite is unique.

On Good Friday, families and friends gather at their favourite beach, park, or community club to enjoy each other's company, play traditional games like marbles, and send their kites up, up and away!

Want to get in on the high-flying fun? Bermudian Eugene O’Connor shows you how to make a beautiful kite in this tutorial

Kite show in Bermuda

Bermudian Easter Treats

Eat like a local over the Easter Weekend by combining this, slightly unique, but incredibly tasty combo of hot cross buns and codfish cakes! 

Hot cross buns are deliciously sweet spiced buns with raisins. Originating from the U.K., this staple Easter treat has ties to a religious background. The bun itself represents the end of the Christian season of Lent and the cross on the top represents the crucifix. Learn how to make these tasty buns with this Bermudian recipe.

In Bermuda, hot cross buns shouldn't be enjoyed without a warm codfish cake sitting pretty in the middle. You can make your own fishcakes with this recipe, or, at this time of the year, you will find them in many establishments available for purchase. 

Dress your codfish cake sandwich with the condiments and toppings of your choice. Popular toppings include cheese, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise. 

Plates filled with fishcakes and hot cross buns.

Celebrating Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, Bermudians attend sunrise services. In the Town of St. George, historic St. Peter's Church, the oldest Anglican church outside of the British Isles, is especially popular on Easter mornings. After church, many locals and visitors will spend time with family and friends over Easter brunch. There's fun for everyone, from authentic Bermudian dishes, egg hunts for the children, and even some appearances by the Easter Bunny.



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