Bermuda’s 40 Greatest Outdoor Adventures

From paddleboarding on calm, clear waters to heart-thumping cliff jumping, there are dozens of ways to enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Find high-flying thrills, undersea adventures and everything in-between. Kick it into high gear or take it easy. Be daring or stay down to earth in the most sublime ways. The good life and the good-for-your-health await in Bermuda’s great outdoors.

  • Natural Wonders
A family is running on a secluded beach with a boat floating nearby.

Bermuda's pink sand, blue water, lush flora and fascinating rock formations create an alluring environment for outdoor adventures. Here are the top 40 ways to get out into nature in Bermuda – find the ones that fit your style.

1. Set Sail on the Sound

Whether you're new to sailing or you've been jibing and tacking for decades, you'll want to experience the beauty and thrill of sailing in Bermuda. Learn about the island’s deep sailing history and see why events like the Bermuda Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess and the 35th America's Cup have drawn sailing lovers from around the globe.

sail boats passing through a channel of water off of the coast of Bermuda

2. Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding

No matter where you are on the island, you're never far from the water. One of the best ways to experience Bermuda's serene beauty is on a stand-up paddleboard. Make it as strenuous or easy-going as you desire, and don't forget to snap some photos along the way.

A group of people on stand up paddle boards

3. See Bermuda By Horseback

Saddle up and see the best of Bermuda on horseback. Meander along the Railway Trail, then cross South Shore Road to reach the beach dunes and Bermuda’s famous South Shore beaches in time for a stunning sunset.

A hiking trail in Bermuda

4. Go Subterranean in The Crystal Caves

Located 120 feet (36.6 metres) underground, the dramatic stalactites and stalagmites of Bermuda's Crystal Caves will astonish and inspire. Walk the pontoon bridge across the crystal-clear Cahow Lake and enjoy the otherworldly stillness.

A couple walking through Crystal Caves in Bermuda

5. Explore Mysterious Shipwrecks

From the depths of the Mary Celestia shipwreck and its intriguing story to the near-shore HMS Vixen, see why Bermuda is called the Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic. These hauntingly beautiful sites are among the island’s most captivating treasures.

Two people are snorkeling in clear water around a shipwreck.

6. Spot Humpbacks During Whale Watching Season

In March and April, majestic humpback whales make their annual return to the waters near Bermuda, migrating north to the rich feeding grounds of the Arctic Circle. Take a whale watching boat tour to witness the giant mammals firsthand.

A woman on a boat taking a picture of whale tails

7. Go on a Foraging Tour

Join naturalist and vegan chef Doreen WIlliams James of Wild Herbs and Plants of Bermuda on a hike through the Bermudian wilderness, where she'll show you edible fruits, vegetables and herbs as you trek. Afterward, she’ll host a cooking demo where you can sample the wonderful dishes she makes using these freshly found ingredients.

Wild Herbs & Plants of Bermuda

8. Experience the Thrill of Kiteboarding

A thrilling windsport that draws technically minded adrenaline seekers, kiteboarding brings the sport's most avid enthusiasts to Bermuda to experience the island's breezes. Bring your own rig if you're experienced, or get lessons from a seasoned local.

Kite surfer catching a wave

9. Hike & Swim in a Secluded Paradise

Head straight to the heart of the Walsingham Nature Reserve (Tom Moore’s Jungle to locals). You’ll hike on lush green trails, swim in gorgeous blue waters and explore crystalline caves.

Tom Moore's Jungle

10. Walk, Run or Bike the Railway Trail

Rent a pedal bike to explore rich, flora-filled landscapes along the 18-mile Railway Trail. The defunct train route once traced the island’s shores, and now it's a multi-use scenic trail spanning the island end to end.

A family biking the Railway Trail in Bermuda

11. Go Rock Climbing

Jagged coastal cliffs in spots like Admiralty House Park are excellent for rock-climbing. Miss a handhold and you simply splash into the water – the ocean is so deep here, it's both safe and thrilling. It's the prime island locale for deep-water solo rock climbing and home to some amazing caves that the British military carved in the 1800s. 

A group of people on a cliff above water

12. St. George's Bicycle Tour

Centuries-old forts, winding cobblestone alleys, one-of-a-kind eats. Experience the best St. George’s has to offer during this uniquely curated bicycle tour with Bermudian guide Kristin White.

A woman biking in Bermuda

13. Explore Bermuda's Vibrant Reefs

The colourful reefs surrounding the island are biological hot spots teeming with marine life. See a diversity of species, including sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and parrotfish. A diving or snorkelling adventure here is like swimming in a natural aquarium with tunnels, caves, arches and more.

Two people are scuba diving.

14. Learn Beekeeping Basics

Pick up the basics of beekeeping, the inner workings of a beehive and the impact of bees on Bermuda’s natural environment from a native beekeeper. Then, pick up a bottle of Bermudian honey. 

Beekeeping in Bermuda

15. Reel in The Big One, Then Cook Your Catch

Bermuda is a bona fide deep-sea fishing destination. Its waters are filled with big-game catches like marlin, tuna and wahoo. Many fishing charters can cut whatever seafood you catch into filets for a fresh, hand-caught seafood lunch.

man looking at lores

16. Go for a Glide on a Kayak

Paddle across Bermuda’s turquoise waters on a crystal clear kayak from Bermuda Watersports. These clear kayaks have glass-bottom viewing panels that give you incredible glimpses of undersea life.

Kayaking over a shipwreck in Bermuda

17. Tour a Historic Fortress on Two Wheels

Explore Bermuda's lively maritime history from the helm of a Segway on a Dockyard Segway Tour – a fun way to see the sights.

18. Wander on Pristine Cooper's Island

On the southeast tip of the island, Cooper’s Island – occupied for years by the U.S. military and NASA – re-opened to the public in 2011. Explore its 12 acres of pristine wilderness to discover seabirds like heron and kingfishers, Bermuda cedar trees and giant land crabs.

Cooper Nature Reserve in Bermuda

19. Birdwatch at Spittal Pond

The largest nature reserve in Bermuda offers 59 acres of unspoiled beauty in Smith’s Parish. Spittal Pond is a birdwatcher’s paradise, but it's also a great escape for anyone seeking serenity.

Longtail bird in Bermuda

20. Stroll Through the Bermuda Arboretum

A lush and lively 22-acre national park in the heart of Devonshire Parish, the Arboretum holds a collection of trees unique to the island, including the famed Bermuda Cedar.

Worn down stairs

21. Soak up the Sun at Jobson's Cove

Jobson’s Cove is one of the smaller beaches in Bermuda, but it’s also one of the most visually stunning. Listen to the waves lap gently against the pink sand, dip your feet in the clear waters and bliss out.

Jobson Cove in Bermuda

22. Live the Good Life on a Sailing Adventure

Explore Bermuda's clear-as-glass waters and snorkel amidst the island's “North Barrier Reef” from a 70-foot catamaran, Uber Vida, or Zaraa glamourous 77-foot catamaran. Both are available for charter – a phenomenal way to see a Bermuda sunset.

Sailboat in Bermuda

23.Get Some High-Flying Thrills While Parasailing

Experience panoramic views and excitement as you parasail over Bermuda’s beaches, reefs, historic forts or the Great Sound area. You don’t even have to get wet unless you want to – just tell your driver to give you a dip.

24. Zoom Across the Water on a Jet Ski

jet ski tour of the island lets you zoom through the water at exhilarating speeds. You can check out otherwise tough-to-get-to gems, including secluded beaches, hidden coves and sunken ships.

A group jet skiing in Bermuda

25. Try Your Luck at Port Royal's Challenging 16th Hole

The crescent-shaped 16th hole at Port Royal Golf Course is one of the finest, and most photographed, par threes in golf. If you want to conquer it, you'll need nerves of steel. A vast, rocky ravine separates the tee and green, with nothing but the Atlantic Ocean below.

Port Royal Golf Course – Port Royal

26. Tour Murals in the City of Hamilton

It may be known for its mellow pastel-hued buildings, but Bermuda’s capital has quite a few brilliant works of street art. See them all – and learn the stories behind them – with a walking tour of Bermuda murals.

Street Art in Bermuda

27. Find Your Fantasy at Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Experience the Bermuda Botanical Gardens' 36 lush acres of sub-tropical fruit groves, cedar trees and banyan trees. You'll also find an aromatic sensory garden and a statue paying tribute to former Beatle John Lennon. The songwriter named his final album, Double Fantasy, after a freesia flower he saw blooming here.

Botanical Gardens in Bermuda

28. Escape to Paget Marsh

In this leafy nature reserve, take a stroll (or jog) down a shady, wooden boardwalk past a serene pond, mangroves, palmettos, grasslands and forest. The pristine 25-acre Paget Marsh offers a glimpse of what Bermuda looked like before it was settled in the 17th century

29. Get Moving on a Moped

For locals and tourists alike, mopeds are ideal for zipping around Bermuda’s scenic, winding roads. Ride along a stunning seaside vista or through St. George's on your way to a beach, golf course or restaurant. 

30. Go Green on a South Shore Eco Walking Tour

Get to know Bermuda's eco system on a walking tour of the spectacular beaches and dunes of Bermuda's South Shore. You'll come across amazing plants, animals and natural beauty.

Aerial view of Bermuda beach

31. Explore a Historic Fort

Built in 1614, Fort St. Catherine towers above the pink-sand beach where the Sea Venture’s crew – Bermuda’s original settlers – came ashore in 1609. Explore the stronghold's massive ramparts, antique artillery, labyrinthine tunnels and chambers carved deep into the bedrock.

aerial shot of St. Catherine

32. See Natural Fireworks on a Glow Worm Cruise

Head to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute for a full-moon boat cruise in the warmer months. From a glass-bottom boat, you'll encounter bioluminescent worms engaging in a mating dance that creates a dream-like, bright green glow in the water.

33. Encounter Rare Animals on Nonsuch Island

In St. George’s Parish on the east end, Nonsuch Island is a pristine nature reserve home to rare wildlife. Look for the Bermuda Skink lizard or the national bird, the Cahow, which was rediscovered after being thought extinct for 300 years. Tours are limited; contact the Department of Conservation Services at 441-293-2727 for information.

Nonsuch Island in Bermuda

34. Cliff Jump at Admiralty House Park

Take a refreshing plunge into the gentle turquoise waters that lie below at Admiralty House Park. Don't be intimidated – embrace the adrenaline rush (and the bragging rights!).

A person doing a backflip off a rock into the sparkling blue waters of Bermuda

35. Explore the Shore with KS Watersports

Whether you want to paddle along Bermuda's crystalline waterways or peer beneath the surface with help from snorkel gear, KS Watersports has you covered.

A couple snorkelling at the Vixen Wreck in Bermuda

36. Rent an Electric Boat

Easy to operate, eco-friendly and oh-so-fun, the vessels you'll find at Bermuda Electric Boat Co. are a new way to explore the island's shores. Find them in Hamilton Harbour.

37. Make Tracks at Ferry Reach Park

One of Bermuda’s largest parks, Ferry Reach is a 62-acre maze of trails that will take off-road mountain bikers through some diverse, challenging terrain, from deep mangrove forests to coastal cliffs.

38. Explore an Open Ocean Dolphin Sanctuary

Learn about Bermuda's nature, conservation and history with Dolphin Quest Bermuda. At the base of a historic fort located at the western tip of the island is Bermuda’s newest open ocean sanctuary, accessible only by sea through a 70-foot-long tidal tunnel. Snorkel this designated marine area – home to diverse corals, reef fish and sea life. Learn about the island’s dolphins and other marine mammals, their habitat and Bermuda’s important role in marine conservation and international research, such as the unique Bermuda Wild Dolphin Project.

Dolphin Quest in Bermuda

39. Hit the Bullseye at Gold Point Archery

Unleash your inner Robin Hood and take aim at Gold Point, where instructors will give you a crash course in bows, arrows and targets. The activities are designed to be safe and educational for kids.

40. Climb Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

You’re technically indoors for part of this one, but you emerge from a challenging climb up Gibbs Hill Lighthouse's spiraling 185 stairs with a jaw-dropping reward: gorgeous aerial panoramas you won't find anywhere else on the island. The cast-iron beacon is the oldest of its kind in the world.

Family enjoying Gibb's Lighthouse



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