The Best Birthday Gift: A Trip To Bermuda

Once a year you get to make an entire day about celebrating life.

Whether it's with friends, family, or solo, birthdays are a time to reflect, rejoice, party, and do what makes you feel great. Bermuda offers you that. Grab a few friends and make your birthday epic!

Come for adventure, crystal clear water, excellent eats, and world-famous drinks. Strike the perfect balance of relaxation and vibrant thrills with this 5-day itinerary you and your dearest friends will mark as the birthday escape of the ages.

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  • People & Culture


On The Water

Catamaran Cruise

Launch into the lap of birthday luxury with a catamaran cruise or rent a boat for a solo sail on the seas. 

Enjoy your day on a Zara or ÜberVida 77-foot yacht, sailing the coastline with friends. Dive in for a refreshing dip, grab snorkels for a peek below the surface, or paddleboard in a secluded cove. End the day with a sunset dinner prepared by the onboard chef. With its fully stocked bar, captain, and crew, this dreamy catamaran experience is the ultimate way to start your trip on a high note.

Are you feeling up for a solo ride? Rent a boat or charter from Pompano Beach Club, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, or Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, and explore the waters. Cast your line and fish in the open sea or admire the beautiful clear blue at the Blue Waters Anglers Club. There is no better way to reflect on another year around the sun.

Sailboat in Bermuda


Feeling Artsy?

Art Walk

Explore the extensive art scene and plan a day of brilliant art and reflection with some of Bermuda’s finest collections. 

Stop by the City Hall & Arts Centre and explore contemporary art at the Bermuda National Gallery. Take in breathtaking exhibits like From Darkness to Light with portraits by Henry Ward or learn about the life of Richard Clive Saunders in the exhibit A Personal Perspective

Pass through Bermuda’s oldest limestone moongate at Queen Elizabeth Park where the footpaths reveal stunning sculptures and greenery. Passing through this oasis will bring you luck with friendships and experiences as you embark on another year.  

Complete the day by strolling the Botanical Gardens and into the on-site Masterworks Museum. With over 1,500 works to explore, this museum houses an incredible curation of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more from Andrew Wyeth to Winslow Homer. This day is bound to be an art lover’s birthday dream filled with boundless scopes of emotions and awe.

Masterworks Museum in Bermuda


Go For It!

We don't have sky diving but we have adventures that will make thrill seekers delight!

Cliff Jumping

This is your year to take the plunge and conquer fears. Nothing gives you energy like cliff jumping into crystal clear waters on the count of three! Take the crew to Admiralty House Park, near Spanish Point on Bermuda’s South Shore for a thrilling climb of the limestone cliffs and ending with a picturesque picnic on the quiet beach of Clarence Cove.

Nature Walks 

Finish the day lying on the pink sands of South Shore Park, or take a tour of the Crystal Caves known for their out-of-this-world stalagmites of white limestone. Walk the lush forest of “Tom Moore’s Jungle” and go for a swim, or search for whales off the coast of Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. You will want to bring your camera because each of these experiences offers an incredible photo opportunity!


A group cliff jumping in Bermuda
Natural Wonders
Lake view

DAY 4 

Embrace the Culture

Black Cultural Tour

Take a deeper look at the history of Bermuda with a Black Cultural Tour through the City of Hamilton, where the streets are lined with colourful murals. Visit the Sally Basset Statue, Barrs Bay Park Statue, Johnny Barnes Statues, and the Dame Lois Brown Building. Artists you’ll encounter include the mother/daughter artistic duo Charmaine Friday and  Alshanté Foggo, and Ryan Hooper. 

Barrs Bay Park in Bermuda

Bermuda Fish Sandwich

Stop and grab the ultimate birthday meal, a Bermuda Spiny Lobster. Nothing beats fresh lobsters with melted butter or the piece de resistance in a perfect pasta. Dine at Lobster Pot Restaurant and Boathouse Bar open since 1974 in Hamilton, try the chowder at Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio in St. George’s, or taste a number of diverse options from Henry VIII Restaurant, Sushi Bar & Pub. Heads-up! September 1st marks the first day of lobster season and ends in March for sustainability best practices and conservation purposes. 

That said, if your birthday falls between April and August, substitute for the famous Bermuda fish sandwich. Imagine, delicious fried fish with tartar sauce piled high on freshly sliced raisin or whole wheat bread. Each restaurant has its own unique version with different sauces and toppings, so try a few and find your favourite! Try Art Mel’s, Seaside Grill, or Mama Angie’s.

Spiny lobster in Bermuda
A fish sandwich

A Chill Evening

There is always room for dessert, and nothing is better than sunset ice cream at Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour in Hamilton Parish. Choose from one of 30 incredible homemade flavours including Bermuda classics like rum raisin. End a day with a chilling Haunted Historical Walk through the narrow streets led by historically dressed guides and learn how this UNESCO World Heritage site became the first settlement of the New World.

Ice cream from a local vendor on Bermuda


Say "Spa-aah"

Spa Day

Wind down with your crew after days of amazing adventures and book an indulgent spa day. Relax with a healing massage at The Ocean Spa, have an out-of-this-world experience in the sparkling pools of an ancient cave at Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa, or get lost with an aromatic facial at Sense, A Rosewood Spa.

TDD - Wellness and Spas

Commissioner's House

It’s your time to shine with a fabulously catered dinner at the Commissioner's House. Invite your guests to an exquisite evening at the historical 1820 cast iron house, located on the grounds of the National Historic Museum of Bermuda. Recall your favourite trip experiences under the stars and laugh over cocktails, fine dining, and dancing.

Truly, the birthday celebration of a lifetime. 



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