Endless Summer
in Bermuda

Hello, Bermudafall!

Abundant sunshine and warm sea breezes linger longer in Bermuda. For you, that means summer doesn't really have to end just yet. These stunning shores promise a flawless fall getaway, from perfect beach days and outdoor adventures, to alfresco dining and luxury island experiences. To plan your dream fall escape, check out the latest Bermuda traveller info, see protocols and current flight schedules.

Barr's Bay Park at dusk

Endless Summer Promotion

Extend your summer fun well beyond Labour Day with Bermuda's Endless Summer Promotion.

Island Map

Bermuda's 21 square miles are packed with hidden gems, nooks and crannies, and new-to-you discoveries.

Let us show you around.

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Fall Travel Inspiration

No matter your travel style, discover your perfect BermudaFall just a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast.

Active Exploring

Rent a bike or lace up your sneakers and head to a stretch of the Bermuda Railway Trail, which runs from end to end. Pass through lush wilderness and take in dramatic vistas of the coastline, farms and cottages along the way. Recharge your batteries at one of the many local eateries near the trail.

Experience some of the island's most pristine spots with a customised excursion through Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, Turtle Beach and Long Bay, and explore these once-off-limits conservation areas. Climb to the top of the observation tower for sweeping ocean views and to spot wildlife like the Bermuda longtail, and stop for a swizzle at Gombey's.

Join a foraging tour alongside naturalist Doreen Williams-James, whose Wild Herbs and Plants excursion uncovers Bermuda’s edible plants. When you’re done, stay for a picnic lunch of vegan specialties on Turtle Bay, where you’ll enjoy grilled vegetable sandwiches with pesto and wild spinach, raw aloe brownies and allspice iced tea.

Luxe Island Experiences

Start your day by renting a miniature Hummer, a scaled-down electric version of the popular American SUV, available at Rugged Rentals in St. George’s. Once you’re behind the wheel, make a beeline for the Pink Beach Club at The Loren, a chic seaside restaurant where you can eat lobster hash and short ribs Benedict.

Getting out on the water here is a must, so why not do it in style by chartering a luxury sailboat or yacht through one of the island's charter boat companies? Spend the day cruising the coastline aboard the Traveler, a luxury 50-foot motor yacht available through Traveler Charters Bermuda.

With its mild climate, radiant sunshine and astonishing natural scenery, Bermuda is perfect for al fresco dining. Opt for a picnic on a pink-sand beach, atop a dramatic coastal cliff or wherever the sunset drives you. Let luxury picnic provider Eettafel serve up a tantalizing spread that's as photogenic as your surroundings.

Indulgent Retreat

Bermuda's golf courses are heavenly, and we've got more per capita than anyplace else in the world – and have you seen Port Royal's legendary 16th? 

It's the ultimate splurge: hiring one of the island's greatest culinary talents to create a gorgeous, bespoke dinnertime spread for you and your crew to savour. The available cuisine Bermuda's personal chefs can create ranges from BBQ and seafood to fully vegan fare.

There's nothing like an evening spent beside a glowing bonfire, with your toes in the sand and the ocean lapping nearby. Let Bermuda Bonfires create this quintessential Bermuda experience for you at the beach – or other open outdoor spot – of your choice. Bonus: the experience is completely customisable.

A couple shopping in Bermuda

Fall in Bermuda

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, warmth and sunshine linger longer out here in fall. Average air temperatures range between 80 and 85 fahrenheit (27-29 degrees celsius) in September and October, and only slightly cool off in November and December. And with a low likelihood of rainfall, fall offers the perfect climate for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and beachcombing.

Planning Your Trip

Learn More

Year-round sunshine, bright blue skies, and warm ocean breezes: Bermuda is blessed with a moderate climate and comfortable conditions. 

Find vacation packages tailor-made to your interests, or book an extra night and save (like you needed an excuse to stay a little longer).

Located just a 90-minute flight from New York and two to three hours from other major US East Coast cities, Bermuda is closer than you’d think: you could be having lunch on the beach! 



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