Fall Adventures in Bermuda

Bermuda is a year-round playground, with a moderate climate warmed by the Gulf Stream. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll find endless adventures across the island’s 21 square miles. But if you’re coming to Bermuda during the fall months, when warm temperatures linger, you’ll experience some of our most thrilling outdoor activities, delicious cuisine, and rejuvenating experiences. 

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Dine on Spiny Lobster Season

From September through March spiny lobster season begins. Locals wait all summer long for this! This delicacy is smaller than its Maine counterpart and doesn't have claws, so most of the tender, flavourful meat is found in the tail. Want a true “sea-to-table” experience? Catch your dinner with local licensed lobster divers and cook it that evening for dinner. Watch vlogger Bryan Talbot enjoy Bermuda’s local flavours.

A man fishing for spiny lobster in Bermuda, a couple is cheering from the boat.

Go Bird Watching

The fall migration from North to South America brings a host of Bermuda’s feathered friends to the island – peak birding season! Keep an eye out for the colourful Prothonotary Warbler, adorable Red-Eyed Warblers, majestic Kingbirds and much more, arriving in Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature Reserve, Devonshire Bay and Spittal Pond – one of the most picturesque spots on the island, and home to Portuguese Rock, where humans are thought to have first arrived in Bermuda.

Catch the Wind While Flying Along the South Shore

Want to get into the exciting sport of kite surfing (AKA kiteboarding)? You’ll catch plenty of air while you zip across the waters off Bermuda’s South Shore. The best season for wind stretches from December through May. Local outfitter Island Winds offers lessons for newcomers and gear rental for experienced riders. Water temps are much warmer than in the northeast, but we suggest you bring a wetsuit or plan to rent one.

See What's Happening Under the Sea

Wetsuits are also recommended for fall scuba excursions. Bermuda’s undersea world is truly awe-inspiring, as you encounter ancient shipwrecks, gorgeous coral reefs and dazzling marine life. There are many outfitters who can get you trained, set you up with gear, and guide you to the best spots. If you’re not quite ready for scuba, there’s always snorkeling or helmet diving. Get a video guide to scuba in Bermuda featuring Scuba Diver Life’s Nadia Aly.

Dive Bermuda at Fairmont Southampton – Wreck Diving

Go For a Gallop

See Bermuda from a different perspective – in the saddle! Explore the alluring beaches and historic sites by horseback with private, guided tours from Watson's Bermuda Horse Trail Rides. All levels of experience are welcome.

Have an Aquatic Adventure

Out here, out on the water is where adventure lives. Whether you’re kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding to secluded coves, zipping through the water on a jet ski or flying high above the waves on a parasailing trip, there’s a seemingly endless array of aquatic activities to enjoy.

man paddle boarding

Golf, Tennis & Spa

Dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen will find plenty to occupy themselves within Bermuda. The island is home to seven world-class golf courses, each one with rolling green fairways and spectacular views. And of course, many hotels and resorts have tennis courts for you to play year-round. Cap your day in the sun with a visit to one of Bermuda’s spas. Soak in the intimate atmosphere of Elbow Beach Bermuda’s spa and enjoy the Rum Swizzle Ritual, named for Bermuda’s signature cocktail. For a romantic experience, book a holistic treatment in Newstead Belmont Hill’s tranquil couples' suite. You’ll feel refreshed – and ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

Hiking & Cycling on The Railway Trail

Spanning Bermuda from end-to-end, the Bermuda Railway Trail is a perfect autumn outdoor adventure. Whether on bike or on foot, you can follow this abandoned railbed through lush greenery, rugged coastal cliffs, classic bridges and much more. Pack a picnic and start exploring.

Couple biking on Railway Trail in Bermuda

Reef & Shore Fishing

Deep-sea fishing in Bermuda is generally a summertime pursuit – but there is plenty of action for anglers in the fall. Head out for an easy, fun day of fishing on the island’s nearshore reefs, which teem with marine life. Outfitters such as Baxter’s Reef Fishing will even clean, fillet and pack your catch for a tasty meal. Or simply stay on dry land and try your luck at such shore fishing hot spots as West Whale Bay Beach or Mangrove Bay. 

Sunset Cruises & Boat Rentals

There’s nothing quite like ending a perfect Bermuda day with a perfect Bermuda sunset. And it looks especially good out on the water with a cocktail in your hand. For added glamour, try ÜberVida’s Friday night cocktail cruise, which takes place aboard a luxury 70-foot fiberglass catamaran.

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