Inside the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Come face to face with seals, fish, coral and the island's natural history at one of Bermuda's most interesting attractions.

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Child pointing at a shark

See and learn about wild creatures from Bermuda and species from oceanic islands at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ for short). Located in linked buildings at Flatts Village on the North Shore, this triple-threat attraction houses a range of animals and marine life in naturalistic environments. Plus, you can enjoy great water views of the Harrington Sound and Flatt's Inlet from a coastal walkway.


Enter the complex at the aquarium, where several large tanks house hundreds of fascinating fishes like barracudas, sharks, parrotfish, groupers, angelfish and moray eels. Don't miss the 140,000-gallon North Rock exhibit, which holds one of the largest living coral collections in the world. Outside, you'll find a pool where a troupe of harbour seals (Calico, Ariel and Pebbles) live and play. During their feeding times (several times a day), see them feasting and giving kisses.

A family visiting the seal exhibit at the Bermuda Aquarium


Next, head through the Natural History Museum for exhibits on the geology and marine biology of Bermuda. Expect displays on humpback whales, fish, and sea birds - many have interactive and kid-friendly features. Outdoors, a playground and sandbox are great for kids.

A man is showing people a map of the Bermuda Islands.


Take a stroll through the zoo to see a collection of mammals, birds and invertebrates. Many displays are under large, netted areas, making them highly interactive and close to the animals. Don't be surprised if a roseate spoonbill wanders up to you or a red ruffed lemur howls hello to you from the trees above. You'll also find areas devoted to the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands and Madagascar – here you can meet turtles, tree kangaroos and other species. Be sure to visit Oscar the Alligator, one of BAMZ's oldest residents, and check out the endangered Green Turtles, part of the zoo's conservation efforts for turtles and other marine creatures.

An adult Lemur is staring in the distance.
BAMZ|Nesta Wellman

Don't miss the flock of flamingos in their natural-looking outdoor setting. They get their beautiful pink colour in part from eating a shrimp-only diet. And if you’re curious about Bermuda’s native bird species, watch for rare cahows, longtails and bright yellow kiskadees.

A wide angle of a flock of brightly coloured flamingos.
BAMZ|Nesta Wellman


Opening soon, the onsite BAMZ Beastro & Juicery will serve lunch, drinks and snacks on the water. The shop at BAMZ sells a range of educational and whimsical gifts, from animal plush toys to games and guidebooks.



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