Tennis in Bermuda

A Perfect Match

It’s been 150 years since Bermudian Mary Ewing Outerbridge brought the sport of tennis to the U.S. Since then, Bermuda has been recognized as the place to perfect your swing. In fact, the island boasts one court for every 600 residents.

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Bermuda’s Tennis Legacy

The game of tennis as we know it has important roots in Bermuda. Mary Ewing Outerbridge, who is widely considered the "Mother of American Tennis," was born in the U.S. to Bermudian parents. Mary picked up the sport during a visit to the island in 1874, and later brought tennis equipment back to her home in Staten Island, New York. In the U.S. and Bermuda alike, tennis has since been a fixture in the sporting world.

A tennis court at Elbow Beach in Bermuda

Where and When To Play

Serve up on a pink-hued court with the beach as your backdrop at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, or opt for Court 6 at Fairmont Southampton (Temporarily Closed) for the best ocean breezes. W.E.R. Joell Tennis Stadium, featuring seating for 1,500 spectators and a bird’s eye view of all courts, is considered the epicentre of the island’s tennis community and hosts many tennis tournaments and events. And keep an eye on the temps, too – the midday heat in the summer may soar, but from October through March, conditions are comfortable. 

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa – Tennis

Tennis Events in Bermuda 

The U.S. Tennis Association has held Category II events including the XL Tennis Open, Bermuda Breeze Tennis Championships and the Bermuda Family Championships on the island. Prior to 2021, The Bermuda Tourism Authority's official sponsorship of the U.S. Open brought even more buzz to the island's tennis scene.

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With more golf courses per square mile than anywhere on earth, there’s no shortage of choices to challenge your skill here in Bermuda. 

Just 21 square miles in size, and with an excellent rail system, Bermuda is ideal for hikers and bikers. Your reward for venturing out? Postcard perfect views and warm sea breezes. 



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