Water Sports

person on a seadoo

Sun, speed, and so much fun.

Go kiteboarding and soar over the sea and shores for an incredible birds-eye view, strap in tightly for a panoramic parasail experience, or hop in a glass-bottomed kayak for a peek at the marine life and plants below you. If you’re a thrill seeker, take a leap off an oceanside cliff and plunge into the sparkling blue water below – no equipment required, just a little bit of courage.

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Tucked along Bermuda’s beautiful coastline, our blissful beaches beckon. Discover miles of soft pink sands, hidden coves, and dramatic rocky cliffs. 


Sailing is baked into Bermuda’s history and part of our island culture. Embark on a sightseeing cruise, indulge in a private sailing experience, or learn the ropes during a sailing lesson.  

Springtime is prime time for whale watching in Bermuda, as pods of gentle, giant humpbacks pass the island during their migratory journey. 

Some of Bermuda’s most beautiful discoveries are under the water’s surface. Learn how to explore shipwrecks, reefs, marine life, and more during a diving or snorkelling adventure. 

With some of the best deep-sea fishing opportunities in the Atlantic, the waters around Bermuda are perfect for reeling in something delicious.



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