5 Reasons To Make Bermuda Your Next Girls' Trip Destination

Picture this. You and your closest girlfriends are desperate for a break from routine. You live in New York City but your besties are in Boston and Philadelphia. You haven’t seen each other in ages and are longing for a proper reunion! All you want to do is jump on a plane and arrive a few hours later in paradise, reunited with your friends and ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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Sound familiar? If so, Bermuda is the destination you’re looking for. There’s plenty of reasons why out here is the best choice for your girls’ getaway and we’ve laid them all out for you right here. So go on, take the plunge and plan that memorable trip with the girlfriends before life gets in the way!

Travelling Here Is Easy


Let’s face it. No one likes airport hopping and spending hours on a plane. Take the pain out of coordinating a girls’ trip by choosing Bermuda, only 90-minutes from New York City and 2-hours from most East Coast cities. It is the perfect place to escape for a quick getaway. Start your travel planning here and check out which flights are best for you and your friends.

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Genuine Hospitality Creates a Safe Destination


Bermuda is known as a place where you can feel safe and secure travelling on your own or with a group of friends. No matter where you go; you’ll be surrounded by smiling faces. Bermudians have a reputation for being friendly, proper and laid back. Also, with its British heritage, everyone speaks English. This makes things very easy when it comes to ordering off the menu or asking for directions on the street.

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Colourful Cultures Paired With Unique Culinary Traditions


Bermuda is not just another island getaway. If you’re after a girls trip with a bit more substance, this is the place for you. Thanks to its unique blend of Caribbean, British, and African American roots, Bermuda offers a world of experiences to all who visit. From welcoming festivals to fun street fairs and farmer’s markets,  you’ll leave with colourful, long-lasting memories. In addition, its variety of cuisine inspired by different cultures features farm and sea-to-table recipes passed down from generation to generation. Bermudian cuisine has flavours that you won't find anywhere else. Don’t forget to try the British high tea, rum-infused cocktails and desserts as well as the island’s traditional Sunday codfish breakfast. We can guarantee you’ll be thinking of the cuisine long after you leave.

A group of people dressed in traditional colorful Bermuda carnival attire

21-Square Miles of Pure Adventure


Nothing brings friends closer together than a good adventure! Bermuda offers all kinds of activities to suit every type of traveller. Gather up your crew for a hike or ride along nature trails, sandy beach paths or the railway trail; an 18-mile path that takes in forts, coastal scenery, great nature and food stops too. For water-based fun, there are kayaks, jet skis, stand up paddleboards, sailing and incredible snorkelling and diving amongst the coral reefs. If you’d prefer a bit of friendly competition, play tennis or a round of golf on Bermuda’s world-class courses. For the extra brave, there’s rock climbing and cliff jumping. Make a pact with your girlfriends and take the plunge!

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A Place to Make Meaningful Memories

At the end of the day, we all want to collect memories, not things. Bermuda offers those who visit the chance to reconnect with loved ones and make memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s strolling along the beach, watching the sunset from the back of a boat, or taking in the sights and sounds of town, Bermuda is full of special moments. A quick tip: while out here, make sure to look after your mind and body with a visit to Grotto Bay Beach Resort’s Natura Spa  -- a spa set in a cave, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your girlfriends.

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