Parasailing in Bermuda

Get above it all with this exhilarating, high-flying adventure that's also ideal for families.

  • Adventure
person parasailing

If you like your sightseeing with a side of adrenaline, you won't want to miss parasailing. Bermuda's pink-sand beaches, secluded coves, lush greenery and white-roofed homes look even more impressive when seen in one glance from above. 

What exactly is parasailing?

It’s a fun and exciting activity where adventure seekers are towed behind a motorboat while attached to a parachute-style “parasail.” As the boat picks up speed, you’ll float up to 250 feet in the air, feeling light as a feather, the panoramas of the island unfolding before your eyes.

Unlike a lot of outdoor adventures, parasailing doesn’t require previous experience or training, making it a great adventure for families. Your expert guides are in full control, ensuring a safe and memorable experience – you can just sit back and soak in the sights. You won’t even get wet!

Parasailing outfitter, K.S. Watersports, can take you over some of Bermuda’s colourful reefs, historic forts or the glistening waters of Bermuda's Great Sound. 



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