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Diving one of the many reefs along Bermuda's shoreline.

Reefs, Shipwrecks & Sea Life

Surrounded by teeming coral reefs, Bermuda has more than its fair share of marine life – and shipwrecks. Known as the shipwreck capital of the world, Bermuda is surrounded by more than 300 sunken vessels, many of which are still revealing their secrets. For scuba diving, you can access deep, calm water quickly and easily, spotting creatures like snapper, angelfish, sea turtles and spotted eagle rays. You can also snorkel right from shore. Either way, you’ll enjoy a colourful show of sea life and great visibility thanks to Bermuda’s clear waters.

Diving & Snorkelling Listings

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Hamilton & Central Bermuda | Shipwrecks

Every scuba diver who visits Bermuda should log bottom time on the Hermes, the island's most popular wreck dive....

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St. George's & the East End | Shipwrecks

Come face to face with Kate, the remains of a 200-foot English iron steamer that met her end in 1878 while en route...

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Royal Naval Dockyard & the West End | Shipwrecks

Explore the wreckage of a steel freight ship that came to rest on Bermuda’s sea bottom in 1879, after succumbing to...

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Marie Celestia

Royal Naval Dockyard & the West End | Shipwrecks

Slip on a scuba tank and explore one of Bermuda's most famous and mysterious shipwrecks. The Marie Celestia was a...

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