Celebrate Dive Week

In May, Bermuda celebrates our amazing world beneath the surface. Learn more about Bermuda’s reefs and underwater life, become scuba diving certified, and explore other ways you can get involved with Bermuda’s dive community. There will be great deals and family-fun events across the island.

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Freediving Bermuda

Freediving Bermuda is run by two free-spirited Bermudians who love to be in and under the water. Before starting the business, Adam and Seb would spend most of their free time out on the water looking for new wrecks and reefs to freedive. 

This May, you can feel the freedom that freediving provides with a four-hour Introduction to Freediving experience. Departing from the Dive Bermuda shop at Grotto Bay, participants will visit two different dive sites and learn the basics and safe practice of a strong breath hold. Equipment can be rented from the dive shop.

SeaVenture Diving  

SeaVenture Diving is making waves as one of Bermuda's newest dive companies. With safe and sustainable practices at the core of the business they offer guided scuba dives from shore and by boat, scuba courses, snorkelling tours and educational activities.

SeaVenture Diving invites you to try the SDI Scuba Discovery Course. This course is for people who think they want to get their PADI certification but would like to test the waters first. You will learn skills like equalising your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more. This experience includes a short online course, an introduction to basic scuba equipment and how it works, followed by a short in water lesson on a few underwater skills before getting to explore Bermuda's beautiful coral reefs. 

EcoDive Bermuda

EcoDive Bermuda is a new diving business and educational centre that offers recreational and technical dive courses as well as sustainable dive gear. 

Discover diving this May with a 3-4 hour dive experience tailored to beginner divers. This 'Try Scuba Diving Experience' will provide an introduction to basic scuba equipment followed by an underwater tour in an aquatic environment. Equipment will be provided and no experience is necessary. 

For the experienced diver, EcoDive is offering a special price of $199 for a 3-4 hour sidemount diving experience. An open-water diving certification is required to book this activity. 

A woman is snorkelling surrounded by coral.

Exploring Bermuda's surrounding reefs and wrecks is a bona fide bucket list experience. A little guidance and planning will help maximise your enjoyment.

Bermuda has more shipwrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Here are the best places for divers and snorkellers to explore the island's sunken treasures.

Bermuda can seem quite small – until, that is, you start to explore the ocean. And there is no easier way to enjoy the island’s abundant aquatic life than snorkelling. 



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