How to Experience Bermuda like the Real Housewives

Experience a captivating 4-day journey through Bermuda with this vibrant itinerary, inspired by activities and locations seen on air during a recent girl's trip of BRAVO's Real Housewives. Immerse yourself in the beauty and allure of Bermuda as you embark on this Bermudaful adventure. 

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Three friends are walking along the beach.

Where to Stay 

The housewives stayed at The Residence, a luxurious 9-bedroom home with its own private beach, pool, tennis court and dedicated chef and butler. If a private home isn’t right for your trip, you could stay at the luxurious and alluring Loren at Pink Beach, which is the hotel on the same property as The Residence so you can enjoy the same views as the housewives.

Exterior view of the residence at The Loren.
The Residence at The Loren

Day 1


Start by unwinding from your journey at the hotel by taking in the magnificent views and prepare for the magical days ahead. Stretch your legs and soak up the sun on the private beach, a perfect blend of pink sand and turquoise water that will instantly transport you to a tropical paradise.  

Kick off your evening with a distinctive Gosling's rum tasting, including the iconic Flora Duffy Gold Rum, a must-try Bermudian delight. Level up your culinary experience with a dinner on the patio at Whitehorse Pub, a local favourite in the town of St George where the menu is as enticing as the ambiance. Look over the balcony at the water’s edge, where the fish will entertain you by day and there is a live band on a floating dock at night. Try the delicious St David’s Fish Chowder, a local specialty that is accompanied with a dash of dark rum and sherry pepper sauce to your liking! 

White Horse Pub at night
White Horse Pub & Restaurant

Day 2


Wake up to a traditional Bermudian breakfast delightful mix of flavors to kickstart your day. Unleash your adventurous side with an exhilarating jet ski ride with BDA Watersports at Somerset Bridge (the world’s smallest drawbridge). Make sure to take a walk across the bridge and visit The Bridge Trading Post for a coffee and a freshly baked sweet treat. Follow this adventure with a relaxing beach picnic on the pink sand of Warwick Long Bay, the longest beach in Bermuda. 

A wide angle of Bermuda's Warwick Long Beach.
Warwick Long Bay

Head West to savor a fish sandwich from Woody’s Sports Bar and Restaurant, a Bermudian specialty, while you take in the scenic surroundings.  

Bermuda is known as the shipwreck capital of the world, with over 400 wrecks (that you can easily dive and snorkel) off our shores. Tap into your inner pirate by working with a local event organiser like Eettafel to create a playful, pirate-themed dinner with a feast fit for a captain who's navigated Bermuda's waters. 

Day 3


Start your morning with a balcony breakfast, watching the sunrise paint the sky in hues of pink and orange.  

Challenge yourselves with a game of tennis or Pickleball before spending a tranquil afternoon cruising the Hamilton Harbour on a luxury sailing yacht. Channel your inner housewife on the Zara, an elevated cruising experience that will have all eyes on you. Remember to wave to the other boats passing by (it is our way of being friendly even on the water). 

Zara Catamaran
Zara Catamaran | Bermuda Yachts

You and your friends deserve the best, so treat yourselves to an exquisite dinner at Blû Bar and Grill for the magnificent views at sunset, and an exquisite menu of fresh seafood and premium steaks. Round off your evening over a pitcher of rum swizzle, Bermuda's national cocktail, at the iconic Swizzle Inn

Day 4


It is your final day and we are as sad to see you go as you are, but you are always welcome back! Here is some ideas to end your ultimate Housewives vacation. Start the day with breakfast by the ocean, and then hop on rented scooters from Oleander Cycles to explore the historic town of St. George’s, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If a moped isn’t your jam, try an electric microcar

A microcar is driving around St. George's
Electric Micro Car | Rugged Rentals

When you arrive in St George’s take a perfumery class and make your own personalised Bermuda scent at Lili Bermuda. Get some retail therapy at The Things We Love, then catch up over lunch at The Wharf in St. Georges'. 

Wrap up your memorable trip with a beachside dinner at the hotel. As them to make it a Bermuda Triangle-themed dinner, with three tables in the shape of a triangle to enjoy an intimate a three-course dinner, fitting close to your luxurious housewives-inspired Bermuda itinerary.  

Now, that's a Bermudaful vacation. 

Bermuda themed dinner party on the beach.
Private Dinner on the Beach

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From luxury catamaran charters and indulgent brunches to historic sights and natural wonders, Bermuda is the ideal vacation location for your group’s next vacation.



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