Your Favourite Annual Sale Has Ended.

In Bermuda, it’s tee time, me time, game time, spa time, dive time, and time to save up to 35%. It’s time to enjoy the good times, or better yet, lose track of it altogether. 

This sale has ended. But see what other great deals are available for your next Bermuda adventure. 

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Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, no matter the occasion you are sure to keep your belly full and your heart happy. From Nana’s best recipes to internationally acclaimed chef menus, try locally infused cuisine from a range of restaurants across the island.

Make space and time to focus on yourself in 2024. Whether it is enjoying fresh ocean air while taking long walks in the sand, meditating, or even trying a new activity, find yourself in Bermuda.

Book your 2024 summer vacation in Bermuda and experience the island vibes that will keep you coming back for more. Plan an adventure or find peace away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Grab your partner and hit the courts. Whether you are looking for a competitive match or a friendly hit, we have got your bases covered. Find a variety of sporting activities and events throughout the year.

Sail Bermuda – Elusive Scenic

Getting to Bermuda

A world apart, closer than you’d think. By air, Bermuda is just 90 minutes from New York and two or three hours from major US East Coast cities like Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Philadelphia. So say goodbye to city life and hello to sunshine, pink-sand beaches and island vibes. 



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