Insider Tips for Arriving in Bermuda

Arriving in style isn’t all about fashion – it’s about easing into island life like a pro. Check out these insider tips to make flying into Bermuda as smooth as possible.

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An aerial view of St George's Parish

From landing at the beautiful L.F. Wade International Airport to checking into your home away from home, arriving in Bermuda is easy and even enjoyable. Follow these tips to maximise every minute of your island time.


Gaze down at a sea of turquoise and admire the island archipelago from above as you make your descent into St. George’s. You can see boats, reefs, a blanket of treetops and a sprinkling of white rooftops as you approach Bermuda. You’ll be in awe before the wheels touch down.


You’ll need three things: Your valid passport, round-trip ticket and Bermuda Arrival Card. These documents are required for adults as well as infants or children travelling alone or with their parents.

The Bermuda Arrival Card is a simple form that takes about two minutes to complete – we recommend that you fill out the digital Bermuda Arrival Card prior to travel. Once you complete the form, you’ll receive an email confirmation and present it to a border agent to expedite processing on arrival. The Bermuda Arrival Card form should be provided on your plane and is also available at the immigration desk in the airport, but filling it out in advance saves time.

As of November 2022, Covid-19 restrictions and travel authorisations are no longer needed to arrive in Bermuda. Note that if you decide to extend your trip for any reason once you’re here, you’ll need to fill out a Visitors Extension Application.

Every traveller arriving in Bermuda must complete a Customs Traveller Declaration (CTD) Form – you should be given one while on your plane, but they are also available at the immigration desk in the airport. If you’re travelling with your family, only one declaration form is necessary – your three-year-old does not need to fill one out!


The award-winning L.F. Wade International Airport opened a modern new terminal in 2020. Here’s what to expect at the airport, from immigration to transportation. 

Interview of the LF Wade airport with colourful kites on the ceiling.

Visitors to the Right

After arriving, you’ll be directed to the Arrivals Hall. There are two separate lines for immigration: Residents and Visitors. The visitor line is to the right. Parties with a mix of both may queue in either line.

Baggage Exam

Once you’ve gone to baggage claim and collected your things, you’ll notice two lanes marked GO and STOP. Pick GO (Green) if you don’t have to claim anything for customs clearance. Pick STOP if you do – the wait usually isn’t long. 

Cash-in, Cash-Out

Note that legal tender in Bermuda is the Bermuda dollar, which trades at the same rate as the US dollar and carries the same symbol ($). Bermuda and US currencies are accepted interchangeably, but change is almost always given in Bermudian currency.


In other destinations, you might grab your bags and head to a rental car desk. Not in Bermuda. Because of its small size, and to keep pollution at a minimum, rental cars are not permitted on the island. (Even Bermudians are only allowed one car per household.) But you can easily hire a taxi curbside outside the airport who can whisk you off to your destination. All you have to do is raise your hand and one will come right up.

For ease and speed, consider pre-arranging your taxi service.

A taxi driver is standing holding the door to the passenger seat.


Think of your taxi driver as the first of many friendly Bermudian guides who are eager to help you have the vacation of your dreams. Bermuda taxi drivers are happy to tell you about island culture, must-see landmarks and the best places to eat, so be sure to strike up a conversation (if they don’t beat you to it). Get more info on taxis and other forms of transportation.


Check in and settle into your hotel, resort, cottage, inn, guest house or vacation rental. Then seek out the nearest place to sip a celebratory drink. Try Bermuda’s classic cocktails: a Dark ‘n’ Stormy® (made with dark rum and ginger beer) or a Rum Swizzle (a fruitier rum concoction). Not into rum drinks? You’ll find a full spectrum of elevated cocktails and mocktails plus craft beer and wine. 

After a solid start, it’s now time to enjoy Bermuda to the fullest. Cheers!



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