An Island Escape

View of warwick long bay pink beaches.

Get Lost in the City, then Find Yourself in Bermuda

Experience the best of both worlds when you add an island escape to your city adventure. Fly JetBlue from London Heathrow or Gatwick, or Edinburgh to visit New York City or Boston. Then take off for Bermuda and reach paradise in 2 hours or less. JetBlue offers daily flights to Bermuda and bookings can be made through confirmed travel partners.

Your blissful Bermuda getaway promises more than pink-sand beaches and endless ocean views. Discover natural wonders, hidden gems, and an island brimming with culture. Enjoy museums, art galleries, tours, live entertainment, and spirited events that celebrate Bermuda’s diverse heritage. Sip the national cocktails, savour the local cuisine, and dive into a world of wonder.

Plan Your Holiday

Start planning your island holiday here! Learn how to gain entry into Bermuda, see how to get around, and discover unique events. Plus, explore places to stay, learn about Bermuda weather, and pack your bags with the help of our season-by-season guide on what to wear.

Exploring the island is fun, safe, and easy. See all the options for getting around, from public transportation like buses and ferries to private transportation like scooters and electric microcar rentals.

It’s quick and easy to fill out this important form needed to enter Bermuda. Complete your arrival card online before you leave so you can zip through the customs and immigration hall and start your island adventures.

Bermuda hosts a full spectrum of signature celebrations: holiday festivities, cultural events, culinary happenings, sporting competitions, and summer beach parties like no place else. Explore the island’s biggest events.

See what’s happening this week in Bermuda and see what’s on the lineup when you’re planning to visit. Discover interesting tours, art shows, live music, entertainment, and more one-of-a-kind island events.



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