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The next time you decide to cross the Atlantic by sea consider charting your course to 32.3802° N, and 64.6766° and make Bermuda your next port of call. 

Sailing into Bermuda is an ideal way to experience the island's crystal-clear waters and dramatic scenery from afar and up close. Here's what you need to know to make your boat entry as smooth and swift as possible.


Know Before You Go

Prior to departure from your port of origin, Bermuda Radio requests all vessels complete a pre-arrival safety float plan. 

Upon approach to Bermuda, visiting yachts must contact Bermuda Radio, on Marine VHF Ch16, who will be able to guide you into St. George's Harbour and direct you to Customs clearance berthing.

What You'll Need

An image of a passport with stamps inside.


A valid, machine-readable passport is the required document for entry into Bermuda for all crew and passengers by sea. All travellers must follow Bermuda's entry protocols and within 1 day of scheduled departure complete the Bermuda Mariner's Travel Authorisation Process online. The Bermuda Immigration and Protection Order List outlines if a visa is required with your passport for you to enter Bermuda.

All visiting yachts and superyachts must use Sail Clear in advance of your arrival into Bermuda. 

  • All private yachts entering Bermuda's waters are required to obtain Immigration, Customs and Health Clearance from HM Customs. The clearance facility is located at the eastern end of Ordnance Island. The Customs boarding officer, who normally carries out clearance for all three departments, brings all documents required for clearance on board. 

To learn more about Bermuda Customs & Immigration visit Bermuda Airport's website.

A maritime declaration of health form must be completed by all vessels and either emailed or handed to an agent or Customs Officer. These forms can be completed up to two days in advance of an arrival. 

  • Cruising pleasure craft in private use
  • Cruising for purposes of pleasure and putting ashore passengers
  • Valid for up to 6 months
  • $8.50 per metre (24 metres and above)
  • $6.50 per metre (below 24 metres)

Transitting pleasure craft and superyachts visiting for up to five days

  • $5 per metre

Extended Stays for Visiting Yachts & Their Crew

Effective June 1, 2011, visiting yachtsmen and their crew will be granted a maximum three-month stay on arrival in Bermuda. In keeping with best practice and standard immigration policy, visiting yachtsmen and their crew will be required to provide:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Financial means to repatriate themselves by air (if required)
  • Proof of health insurance
  • A declaration not to seek or take up employment in Bermuda

The fee for this extended stay is set at a nominal $250 for each member of the crew and each passenger. Extensions for up to a further three months will also be permitted on application to the Department of Immigration. The fee is $100.

Rent an electric vehicle, hail a taxi, or take a scenic ferry ride: there are plenty of ways to explore Bermuda safely and easily.

Find out the basic essentials, including time zones, currency, electricity, telecommunications and visitor information centre locations.

By air, Bermuda is just 90 minutes from New York and two or three hours from major US East Coast cities like Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Philadelphia. From London, it's about a 7-hour flight.

Browse helpful planning tools before your trip, or download them to help you navigate once you arrive.

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Arriving by Super Yacht

Bringing your own luxury superyacht to our shores? Discover more about how to prepare as Captain & Crew. 



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