Discover Bermuda's Rich Heritage Through Its Historic Forts

Embark on a journey through Bermuda's storied past by exploring its impressive array of historic forts. With approximately 90 forts nestled across the island, each one holds a unique tale waiting to be discovered. 

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remains of a fort on coastal Bermuda

You don't have to be a history enthusiast to appreciate the beauty and significance of these landmarks, as many have been meticulously restored and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and mysterious tunnels that will make you feel like you have gone back in time. Here are a few that are worth exploring.

East End Forts

Fort St. Catherine
One of Bermuda’s largest coastal artilleries has been transformed into a treasure trove of history, housing exhibits and artifacts that span four centuries. Located on the north-eastern coast of St George’s it offers panoramic ocean views and of St Catherine’s Beach, where Admiral Sir George Somers shipwrecked the Sea Venture in 1609.
In the 1900’s the fort doubled as a centre stage for theatrical plays, but today it is used as a venue for upscale events. The fort is open to the public between 10am-4pm on weekdays and there is a $7 admission fee.

Martello Tower
Located in Ferry Reach, St. George's, this egg-shaped fort boasts impressive features such as a moat and thick Bermuda stone walls. Although access is limited to outside viewing, the surrounding area offers plenty to explore, including another fort nearby called Ferry Island Fort. Here you can walk across a small footbridge to look at the 18th Century ruins and the scenery of the tiny island. While you are in Ferry Reach it is worth visiting Whale Bone Bay and walking along the Railway Trail.

Alexandra Battery 
Also situated in St. George's, Alexandra Battery dates back` to the 1860s. Named after Princess Alexandra of Denmark, this fort offers a glimpse into Bermuda's royal connections. Explore its grounds and marvel at the remaining Rifled Muzzle Loader gun while soaking in the beauty of Buildings Bay Beach nearby. 

West End Forts

Whale Bay Battery 
Nestled along Whale Bay Road in Southampton, this historic fort defended Hog Fish Cut for centuries. Visitors can roam the gun emplacements and magazine while enjoying panoramic ocean views and picnicking in the adjacent parkland.

Scaur Hill Fort & Park 
Built to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard, Scaur Hill Fort offers panoramic views of Ely's Harbour and the Great Sound. Explore its deep gun pits and galleries while reflecting on its role in Bermuda's military history. The fort features underground passages and an extensive dry moat. Covering 22 acres of picturesque parkland, Fort Scaur offers charming trails, picnic spots, a rocky shoreline perfect for fishing, and a public dock. Within the fort grounds, you will find picnic tables, benches, and restroom facilities. 
Located high on a hilltop in the west, this is a top spot for catching the sunset.

View of the great sound from Scaur Hill Fort.

Central Forts

Fort Hamilton
Offering sweeping views of the City of Hamilton and its harbor, Fort Hamilton in Pembroke is a picturesque spot for a leisurely stroll. Cross the wooden bridge over the dry moat to explore the landscaped upper levels and battlements adorned with cannons.

Aerial shot of an old fort and green space

Decent down into the tunnels where you will come out into the dry moat. You can walk all the way around the moat, uncovering a jungle-like feeling amongst the wild flora and palms. 



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