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Bermuda Inspirers with Tyka Edness

Meet Tyka, the self-proclaimed professional delinquent who has taken the art of culinary dishes to the highest of levels, resulting in the performance of food. Tyka is not a chef; she is Bermuda’s very own Epicure and the founder of Ate@8.

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A woman is standing in a colourful outfit on the grass.

Tyka is a vivacious and bold personality and a natural-born creative. As a practice, she dreams. Her relationship with food drives the passion that is evident in every dish she creates.
So, what inspires Tyka?

What does a day-in-the-life of Tyka look like?

At 4:45 a.m. I begin my day with yoga, EFT tapping and meditation. After a glass of hot citrus water, a hot shower, and a handful of blueberries, off to the kitchen I go! No matter who I am creating for, the focus is always the story of food. Oprah or other music is usually pounding from my speakers. My days can span anywhere between 12-20 hrs.

Where do you source your inspiration?

Architecture inspires me. I feel that food should adorn the structures that bricks and metal can. I also source inspiration in:
A higher power
Brave souls who came before me

Do you have a cooking/food philosophy?

"Food is a performance. Please dance."
"Ingredients are just concepts."

A woman is in a kitchen cooking in a pan with flames showing.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to excel in my play often channeling my 8-year-old self. There is such freedom in that. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur, every day I dress in vulnerability and courage, and I love that too.

Do you have a favourite Bermuda dish? 

Turbot wings and Rockfish Ribs. Life begins here!

While in Bermuda, what food should every visitor try? 

My top tip! When a server, or anyone on the street, has a thick Bermudian accent and smiles when he/she recommends a local dish – you must try it.

Do you have a secret local ingredient? 

It is not a secret, it is my signature. I use local banana leaves as a base for culinary spreads.

A colourful spread of fruits on a table covered in palm leaves.
A sample of Tyka Edness' food with flowers
A colourful spread of fruits on a table covered in palm leaves.

Is there anything unique about the food you eat in Bermuda?

More than anything, I think it is the way that we serve our dishes as a culture that makes me feel connected to a lineage that I have never met. There is an Aunty in every family that can make you a plate of codfish as a performance. The Johnny bread sticks to the roof of your mouth, and you know you are loved.

Do you have a favourite Bermuda Holiday? Is there a special food or drink associated with it? 

Cup Match - it is a collective of all of my favourite things! Two full days of culture, sweat, and the honouring of the turbot wing (if you're lucky). There is a freedom woven into this holiday from our Nanas and Uncles that can’t be found on any other holiday.

What is your favourite Bermudian word(s)?

I love it when a person replaces "Vs'" with "W's". This is a real old-time Bermuda thing that is so unique to us. "That is wicked" has got to be one of my all-time favourite Bermudian saying for 20 years running!
When Tyka is not in the kitchen or performing her food, you can find her enjoying the outside. Jogging the Railway Trail, taking a barefoot walk outside, dancing, spending time with family. If you pass her in the streets, feel free to say hi, we promise it will be a highlight of your trip!



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